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Boon boon the volcano(Mount Ngorongoro) locate Tanzania northern east to split not and greatly inside valley, is a dead volcano, the elevation is 2400 meters, the shape is like a big basin, "basin wall" is steep, its shape and the moon volcanic crater are extremely alike, is the second volcanic crater in the world.Boon  boon  the volcano was a cone form before, the height was current of 200%.250 Before ten thousand years, the awl body is the last explosion, spraying all molten lavas to send out, the awl body coping descended to fall cave cave, the round table mountain which left the northwest side of the volcanic crater.


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Huge volcanic crater


Boon  boon  the volcanic crater is the most complete volcanic crater in the world, if the form insets in the east to split a valley to take a last"big basin" not and greatly.The huge volcanic crater is the historic relic that the volcano sprayed to deliver an empress 250 ten thousand yearses ago.The volcanic crater diameter is about 18,000 meters, the bottom diameter is about 16,000 meters, the area reaches to widely 160 the squares are thousand meters.


Mount Ngorongoro tourism



Follow a volcano exterior wreath to go, six elevation 3000 meters above mountain peak rise straight from the ground, reaching to the sky.On the geology, from volcano explosion or fall to sink but become of volcanic crater, be called to break volcanic crater.Boon  boon  volcanic crater is the edge keeps numerous complete break volcanic crater in biggest of 1, the African is called it"boon  boon ", namely idea of"big hole".1959 Year, someone constructed a road of rugged gravamen, leading to the ground in the Mount Ngorongoro attractions volcanic crater, all growing 3200 meters.Antarctica


Tanzania northern this ancient old dead volcano steep volcanic crater, concealment under the one not even plant.In 1800 meters of high empty, unusually quite, only the on all sides steppe ascending current to blow toward blue sky through volcanic crater edge pared off to move leaf to send out froufrou to just broke here of dead silent.


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Stand in the volcanic crater edge the top go toward to take a look at, the prospects is astonishing.Is a big cave of dim moonlight inside, on all sides tilt to Mount Ngorongoro tourism one side but become the riotous huge dish of a color, with half an eye this huge cave, make person's dizziness is giddy. Most the eye-catcher is 600 meters under of course of river, the curving flowing water is flickering to become bright, presenting a lake of pink spot.


Mount Ngorongoro travel



Boon  boon  much more magnificent change of the landscape included from the boon  boon  the top steep slope of the volcanic crater wall arrive a gold to match  bushes.Ecosystem environment inside the sanctuary is diverse, there is woodland, marsh, lawn or  of the lake and amplitude king  . King  fills a part of the system of the  cover ecosystem, this Mount Ngorongoro travel ecosystem system has been continuing to Kenya, including an adjacent horse sand good . the horse pull a nature reserve area.The  king's  lawn brings up to enrich diverse food grass animal, the tree is exuberant here, headwaters abundant, is suitable for wildlife to multiply.

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