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Zanzibar consists of two larges islands, plus several smaller ones, about 40km (25miles) off the coast of east Africa, in the Indian Ocean, about 6' south of the equator. The two large islands are Unguja (usually called Zanzibar Island) and Pemba.

Zanzibar Island is about 85km long and 32km wide, with an area of just under 1500km square (about 640 square miles). Pemba Island is about 75km long and 20km wide, with an area around 850km square (about 380 square miles)

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Islands of Zanzibar are generally flat and low land lying. The western and central parts of Zanzibar Island have some low hills, where the highest point is about 120m (390ft) above the sea level. Pemba Island has a central ridge, cut by several small valleys, and appears hillier than Zanzibar Island, although the highest point on Pemba is only 95m (310ft) above sea-level.Metropolitan Museum



The islands were originally forested, but human habitation has resulted in widespread clearing, although a few isolated pockets of indigenous forest remain. The main crops grown in Zanzibar are coconuts and cloves. Bananas, citrus fruits and other spices are also grown commercially. Maize, cassava and others vegetables and cereals are grown for local consumption. Zanzibar tourism has been ear-marked as the primary foreign exchange earner, with more Zanzibar attractions visitors coming to Zanzibar each year. At this stage, the numbers are still low (less than 100,000 annually) and the potential for tourism is relatively untapped. We are dedicated to sensitive tourism that benefits both visitors and the community, without losing the romance and magic that is Zanzibar .

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