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Imagine yourself sitting along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. A couple walking arm-in-arm passes by, whispering1 romantic words in French. Later, as you wander through narrow stone-paved streets, you smell coffee and freshly-baked French bread. In the distance stands the magnificent2 Chateau Frontenac, its bronze roofs shining in the sun.

Visitors to Quebec City might think they've somehow landed in France. The city began in 1608 as a fort established3 by a French explorer. Today, it's the oldest European-built city in the Americas. Stylish4 and charming,5 Quebec City captures the hearts of visitors with its lovely French atmosphere.Beacon Wood

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Quebec City is a proud center of French-language theater and music. The French language is protected by law here. All signs, for example, must show French in larger letters than English. But whatever language you speak, mid-winter is the best time to visit Quebec City. That's when the city hosts the world's biggest winter celebration.

Quebec, Canada

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Quebec City is beautiful and historic,1 but winter there is long and cold. In 1894, the people of Quebec first organized a carnival2 to warm their spirits in mid-winter. Today, the Quebec Carnival remains a celebration of the Quebec tourism city's food, culture, and, most of all, its fun. The carnival is a giant winter playground. Try racing down a snowy hill on a long sled Canadians call a "toboggan." For adventure3 seekers, there are dogsled races or the snow bath: People roll


around in the snow in their swimming suits. There is also a real hotel made of ice. Like Quebec in winter, the hotel is cold outside, but warm inside. The carnival is also a great place to try Canadian foods. Don't miss out on the maple candy (hot maple syrup poured4 onto snow) and caribou meat! Most popular of all is Bonhomme, the carnival's mascot. This big, friendly snowman is warm, perfect for hugging, and sure to wish you, ¡¡oyeux carnaval!

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