Chaya Mountain Zhongyuan Miniascape, Zhumadian, HeNan, China Tourist Attractions and Travel

Chaya Mountain locates to the west of Suiping County 25km for away, near to Jingguang railway,Jingshen road and Jingzhu highway, is of proud steep ,weird stones forest. Mila hill,the south hill ,the north hill and Liu feng hill circles standing . Xiumi lake ,Pipa lake,Tianmo lake and Baihua lake waving among them.

Chaya Mountain Zhongyuan Miniascape travel, HeNan tourism, Chaya Tourist Attractions

The cultural relics as star net and chessboard ornates here, the beautiful natural scences countless.


Chaya Mountain Zhongyuan Miniascape, Zhumadian, HeNan, China

Chaya Mountain Zhongyuan Miniascape attractions


Chaya Mountain combines the steepness of Hua Mt. , the magnificence of Tai Mt. , the elegance of Emei Mt. and the profoundity of Yandang Mt. .Chaya Mountain is a good place from where Wu Cheng'en (Ming Dynasty) had excited his inspiration to finish his classic story <Touring west> in hermit and the photograph of the TV serial <Touring west> of CCTV were taken.Roman Bath

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