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Copper Mt.scenery is 30km far away from the east of Biyang County.It is famous of steep ,weird hills and flourish trees. There is a legend that once Zhangsanfeng (a famous shadow boxing master of Ming Dynasty) built palace here to teach shadow boxing. Several years later,he went to Wudang Mt. and became well-known. Because of this quotation ,it is called: "South peak is Wudang; North peak is Copper Mt." It once has south and north two Taoist palace ,on the peak has three Buddhist palace, today the south palace is still existing. It is a symbol of Buddhist and Taoist Which are well mingled. Copper Mt. lake forest garden is a national forest garden.

Copper Mt travel, China Tourist Attractions

It has a lot of floristics and animal species,such as gingkgo, China fir, leoparol, otter, zibet and white-head pheasant. In 1994,it was authorized provincial beauty spot by Henan rovince.Mykonos

Copper Mt., Zhumadian, HeNan, China

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