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Gyeongju is the birthplace of the new Romanian culture, in Gyeongju.  Surrounded by mountains here, another convergence of the river surrounded by beautiful.  Shilla Dynasty and the Tang dynasty of China at that time had close of a fruitful relationship.  According Shishuji reference Gyeongju is modelled on the construction of the Tang dynasty capital. Ganges


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October each year, South Korea should be held here in the "new Romanian Cultural Festival."  Bulguksa Temple Gyeongju is the largest Buddhist temple, magnificent, beautiful statements by the South Korean government as historical relics No. 1
Buddhist Temple


Buddhist Temple, Gyeongju, South Korea

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As a world cultural heritage Buddhist Temple in AD 535 from
creation until 20 years after its heyday, the scope has expanded to about 10 times now, unfortunately chaos in the Japanese has been damaged in a subsequent rehabilitation after reconstruction, Now for the buildings, and to maintain the status quo really the only part of those stone, it also shows that the new Romanian culture reached its apex.


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Zixia doors, doors, which will have two all-Dashiqiao, that the slightest change shape and the balance of compact stone technology, in spite of the 1500 still today the United States could be a limit; corridors and the main building, refined painted a distinctive Dan, and their resettlement and Muni as the release of internal decoration is more magnificent, more elegant pagoda like carvings general appearance; address Jiada, Paradise tower, Pilu hall TAIWAN BISHAMON Leishena the Amida Buddha statues and filled with masculinity Gas. many national treasures and cultural heritage is scattered and the people seem to forget the passage of time.


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Sakyamuni noble white that the purity of expression, moving with the Buddhist Temple was registered as a world cultural heritage Seokguram, built in AD 751, when the minister to the prime minister to mourn his parents and the establishment, is a subsidiary of Shifosi buildings, there has been no temples, preserved only in 1909 in the mountain found in the man-made caves, Buddhist art history to that great masterpiece -- Sakyamuni Tathagata Zuoxiang, slow dissemination of the glory of discretion grinding circular Hanaoka Rock around the ring as much as 3.26 meters Sakyamuni, the walls around a 10 Guanyin relief, King Kong Guinness and four heavenly kings, and so on, that can not be laid on the concept through the glass from the outside, they can still feel a solemn atmosphere for the three km Senate Road, pleasant scenery, it is worth roaming


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