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Mount Hua is one of the "Five Sacred Mountains" of China. Mount Hua is located in the Shaanxi Province, about 100 kilometres east of the city of Xi'an, near the city Huayin. Hua was historically the location of several influential Taoist temples, and was known as a centre for the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts.

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Minibuses that go direct to the town just north of the mountain regularly leave from near the Xi'an main train station. The Hua Shan train station is about 25 km to the east of the mountain. A cable car to near the North Peak is available from the east entrance to the area. Thousands of steps have been cut into the rock in order to facilitate ascending and descending.Brussels

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Pilgrims tie red ribbons to the trees outside of the taoist temple.

Mount Hua

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Hua Shan, Five Sacred Mountains 

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Recently-married locals will climb to the summits to add a lock the chains to symbolize their everlasting love. A similar practice is done on the Great Wall.

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