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Mount Zion Profile

Mount Zion part of the original Jiaxian Township in Kaohsiung County, but the land re-planning into the current address for Sanmin Township in Kaohsiung County, is private land, was originally a mountain of Huang Yan Wu Man, and later by the new teaching about the saints Follow the Prophet in this business have opened up today, the envy of everyone paradise Mei Ming, Mount Zion is also the hearts of Christians in the Holy Mountain.


Zion National Park Tourist Attractions (Mount Zion travel)


Mount Zion - Christian sacred mountain

Mount Zion 'means' thanks to the mountain safely, by a group founded by a devout Christian sanctuary of the New Testament Church of places; Mount Zion's followers were independent of the secular, its main source of income is Catholics themselves to the labor, planting a variety of organic vegetables, tea, poultry livestock, self-sufficiency that is what they call a drug-free operation, which is renowned Kucha products, such as Kucha toothpaste, face cream, tea oil And so on a number of products before and after the annual Lunar New Year, Mount Zion is the most beautiful plum blossom in full bloom period, when the time is ripe plums, not only can enjoy the fruits can also be made of pickled goods to tourists.


Zion National Park tourism

Mount Zion Tourist Attractions


Mount Zion - high-quality resort

Zion Temple in the high, good vision, forward If viewed with V-shaped mountain is very Majestic; Mount Zion with the times and develop into the different quality of a resort, natural beauty, coupled with well-planned The pathways, artificial lakes and services centre, a well-known religious shrines south in the street leading to the Temple there is a very special building, is a tablet erected by the combination of bamboo leaves the tree house, and has a very special appearance, Tourists should be quite a trip. Windsor Castle

Mount Zion come and go

Taiwan drove to the 21 line continued to visit on the 12th bridge, the entrance to a note card, that is, at the entrance to Mount Zion, according to indicators continued to turn left can see the door of Zion Holy Mountain, above the two white A winged cherubim (Mount Zion built cherubim door is symbolic of God Chapai angel guards the road leading to the tree of life, security guards God's sacred mountain, symbol of human life to the Eden tree has smooth the road) , The mood is extremely beautiful; along the way can also see many of special significance to the beautiful scenery and attractions, such as the Tianchi Zion, David Castle, the Arc de Triomphe House, Victory Tower, the Monument of truth over power, Tianxiayijia, Meiyuan, Ting Li-jun, The altar, the Temple of Christ is the rock, flashing the tent, Zion tree house, and so on the beautiful scenery, as if your exposure in the nature of worldly paradise!


Zion National Park attractions

Zion National Park tourism


San Rural Tourism

Sanmin Township in addition to Mount Zion this renowned tourist destination, people may also stop to the double-waterfall, Changchun Valley, the Grand Canyon, Angel Falls, Rainbow Falls and other scenic spots; can also enjoy Sanmin rural specialty products - corn, Ma Bamboo shoots, Ai-yu, and other food taste good, enjoy the most authentic Kaohsiung Customs!

Mount Zion Park, the four seasons are open to visitors. Spring, flowers Zhengyan, verdant trees, people come to Ta-Qing; summer in an 10,000-wood, bustling, people can come to summer, autumn-colored leaves times, fallen leaves Fenfei, people mountaineering Naliang; winter snow covered roof , Snow-wrapped, people Tour Shangjing.


Zion National Park travel

Zion National Park travel


Mount Zion has in the past is the Mormon pioneers to the Holy Land, who often travel long distances followers, who paid respects, Mount Zion Park's name also came from here. "Mount Zion," which means "City of God days." Now Mount Zion as a pilgrimage to the Holy Land of the image, gradually being forgotten, and as the entertainment of the people so that they can become the one true "paradise."

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