A doll dressed in Hungarian, Hungary Culture

A doll dressed in Hungarian folk costume. This is the most popular and sort of the souvenir the tourists take home with from Hungary-- the colors of unique charm, the dolls' enchant. But only a few people know that not only is this wonderful item, folk doll, available on the shelf of souvenir shops among the cold walls of museums, but it is a living reality.

Hungary Culture

It is visible, tangible and can be experienced. It is a rarity, which is not disappeared in the modern life.

Holloko, possibly the most charming Hungarian village in the mountains of the northeast, is also part of the world heritage.

Local people as well as tourists can admire age-old wedding ceremonies of the polo's region.

The bride's trousseau is transported along the main street for the whole world to see all the brightly decorated stuff. A sign of the family's wealth. Tradition also calls for a joined community effort to make the newly weds an anticipation for many children to come.


A doll dressed in Hungarian



In the meantime, the audience listens to the bride and bridegroom's farewell ceremony.

After the groom's first visit, spectators can witness the most splendid art of the wedding, the adornment of the bride.

Particular preparation along years of effort is bringing life the memorable moments. The number of underskirts could even reach a hundred.

The marvelously embroidered wedding dress revives the atmosphere and sophisticated taste of the past times.Top city of China

The couple walks to the church hand in hand, and the village scene recreates the picturesque background for the festival procession.

Folk traditions are closely asso1siated with milestones of human life, birth, priest, marriage and death. The whole village shares each other's happiness and grave. And these community events help people forget the monotony of everyday life for just a little while.

In most Hungarian villages, wedding takes place in the Hungary Culture same way, even today. But for traveler, can also feel the reality and magic of moment.

Grape picking is the most important and ever returning celebration in the life of a Hungary village.

The procession is made up of the horses and cows. They visit various places in countryside.

The village man and his wife pay a simper part in the festivity, and they host the event as the carnival prince and princess.

At every stop, the participants of the procession have the opportunity to taste wines, and to sing and dance. The community as a whole does its best and desire to contribute as much as it can.

Grape picking is the greatest celebration in the winemaking regions. We should not forget, however, that every region in Hungary has some sort of wine culture. This is the world famous culture of embroidery.

Its main motive is the wonderfully blooming flower pattern and the bold variation of three bright colors on the Hungary Culture fabric. Such a bonnet blouses is virtually priceless because a single garment meets several years of meticulous embroidery.

Possibly, tradition says the most about people's character and mentality. The main purpose of tourism, apart from visiting different places, is to get acquaint with each other's costumes and cultures. Similarly, to other exterior people, Hungarians offer a warm welcome to those who are interested in their country.


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