Ajax(the Great), Greek mythology, Greek Culture

Ajax was a man of giant stature,daring but slow. When the Trojan War was about to break out he led his forces from Salamis to join the Greek army at Aulis. As one of the trustiest champions of the Greek cause,he was given thejob of guarding one end of the Greek camp near Troy. He was noted in the battlefield for his bravery and courage. After Achilles' death he became one of the two hot contestants for the dead Greek mythology hero's shield and armour,the other being Odysseus. When the weapons were finally judged to his rival,Ajax went mad for grief.


Ajax(the Great), Greek mythology

Ajax(the Great)


Unable to get over the hardships,he took his own life. When,in order to seek the advice of,Odysseus came to visit the lower world,the shade of Ajax frowned uponhim. In the lower world Ajax chose to be a lion,guided clearly by the Greek Culture bitter recollection of his former life.

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