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Apollo drove his golden carriage across the heavens during the day,admired as the sun-god. Artemis also raced across the sky in solemn style at night,respected as the moon-goddess. Sitting in an airy carriage drawn by milk white horses,"the queen of wide air" gave off silver light all over the sleeping world below. Though she remained single all her life,the maiden heart of the goddess was at least for once excited as she saw the beautiful youth Endymion sleeping.

She was pure and fair and calm. She was the example of maiden modesty and grace. Just as Apollo represents manly beauty,so Artemis stands for feminine purity and virginity . As their patron goddess she took it as her duty to protect marrying girls and young women in trouble. It was her altar that those maidens turned for love and happiness.

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The twin sister of Apollo was also the goddess of hunting and wild life . Dressed in a short hunting-suit coming up to the knee and followed by a team of noisy lovely fairy maidens,Artemis had always her bow of pearl  and shining arrow with her and travelled in the woods in search of wild animals. When she felt hot and tired she would retire to a spring to take a bath.


Artemis, Greek mythology

Artemis, Greek mythology


It was here that young Actaeon accidentally came and suffered cruel treatment at the hands of the goddess. Indeed,the goddesscould be thoroughly heartless and stopped to be lovely as soon as the bad side of her nature got the upper hand in her. The sadthing of Niobe was just a case in point.


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