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Hot, buttered crumpets.

A crumpet is a cake made from flour or potato and yeast eaten mainly in the United Kingdom, but also in the nations of the Commonwealth.

The crumpet is circular in shape (usually; long and square varieties also exist) and has a distinctive flat top covered in small holes. It has a spongy texture and a fairly bland flavour.

Crumpets are served hot, usually with butter. Other popular UK Culinary Culture accompaniments include jam, Marmite, honey, or cheese. Typically, crumpets are bought in packets and toasted.

A pikelet is similar to a crumpet, but much thinner and sometimes irregularly shaped. (But the meaning of pikelet varies: in some regions of Britain it traditionally refers to a crumpet, muffin or other teacake. In Australia and New Zealand it refers to a Scotch pancake.)

buttered crumpets


Delia Smith lists the following ingredients as being sufficient for 16 crumpets:

12 fl oz Milk
1 tblsp Yeast
1 Tsp castor Sugar
1 Tsp Salt
8oz Plain Flour

It is worth noting that the recipe contains no egg, and that many variations contain no sugar.Houston

The crumpet should not be confused with the sweeter English muffin.

The name "crumpet" is thought to have originated from the Welsh crempog, a type of UK Culinary Culture pancake.

In the UK, "crumpet" has become a slang term for a woman (or, more recently, a man) regarded as an object of sexual desire. Other breakfast items (such as Black Pudding and Scrambled Egg) have also become slang for other sexual acts. Historically "Crumpet" has also been used as a non-sexual term of endearment.

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