Chinese poet: Xin Qiji

Xin Qiji  was born at 28 May 1140, he was a Chinese poet, military leader, and statesman during the Southern Song dynasty.At the time of his life, northern China was occupied by the Jurchens, a nomadic people from what is now north-east China. Only southern China was ruled by Southern Song dynasty. Xin Qiji was born in the modern city of Jinan of Shandong Province. In fact, his grandfather named him after a legendary military commander from the Western Han, Huo Qubing. Both "Qubing" and "Qiji" mean to deliver oneself from diseases.


Xin started his military career against Jurchens at the age of twenty-two.Marseille France


Some six hundred and twenty of Xin's poems are passed down today, all were written after he moved to the south.

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Chinese poet: Xin Qiji


"Having almost exhausted my energy searching for this person (vague), I suddenly turned my head, and there he was, standing at the far end of the street where the candlelight is the dimmest."

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