Christmas in Jamaica

Christmas preparations begin with the cleaning up of homes, both outside and inside. Walls are painted, the lawn is cut and stones and tree trunks are whitewashed and people bake lots of cakes and puddings.

A pig or goat will be killed a few days before Christmas and the meat shared with the neighbours - often in return for whatever food they have to offer such as yams, fruits and vegetables.

Most traditional churches in Jamaica have carol services and Christmas cantatas (concerts). Young children act out the Christmas Story and the sharing of gifts in schools and Sunday School is also a feature of Christmas in Jamaica.

Christmas in Jamaica


Although there is no snow in Jamaica, many streets, homes, shops and other public places are beautifully decked out with lights and other decorations.Iceberg and Fauna

The Grand Market is a particular Christmas custom in Jamaica. Main streets in major towns and the city of Kingston are closed and no traffic is allowed access. Sellers spread their goods out along the road and children browse with their parents, buying gifts for their family and friends.

On Christmas morning, after church, families will get together and Egg Punch, a traditional drink similar to Egg Nog is served. The main meal will consist of duck, ham, chicken, turkey, beef, lots of vegetables, salads and cakes.


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