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Dong Jin Dynasty, China

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Dong Jin Dynasty (317 420 A.D.)

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Jin Yuan Di Sima Juan

(317 - 322 A.D.)

Jin Yuan Di re-established the Jin Dynasty in Nanjing. Wang Dao became the Prime Minister of Yuan Di's administration.

India- Revival of Hinduism (320 A.D.)

Huns (Hungarians) migrated west (375 A.D.)

Jin Ming Di

(323 326 A.D.)


Jin Cheng Di

(326 343 A.D.)


Jin Kang Di

(343 345 A.D.)


Jin Mu Di

(345 362 A.D.)

Heng Wen send troops to north and defeated Qin kingdom (354 A.D.)

Jin Ai Di

(362 366 A.D.)

Yan kingdom attacked Leyang. Heng Wen sent rescuing troops (362 A.D.)

Jin Fei Di

(366 371 A.D.)


Jin Jian Wen Di

(371 373 A.D.)


Jin Xiao Wu Di

(373 397 A.D.)

Korea paid tribute to the Qin kingdom (373 A.D.). The Battle of Fei Shui led by Xia An (383 A.D.)

Jin An Di

(397 419 A.D.)

Nanliang and Beiliang established empires (397 A.D.). Xiliang established empire (400 A.D.). Xia established empire (407 A.D.). Xiqin established empire (409 A.D.). Nanliang eliminated (414 A.D.)

Jin Gong Di

(419 420 A.D.)

Liu Yu proclaimed king of Song (419 A.D.)

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