Eros(Cupid), Greek mythology, Greek Culture

Eros was the god of love,better known by hislatin name Cupid. Son of Aphrodite by Ares ,he took his place among  the small gods of Olympus. He was represented asa little naked boy,with sparkling wings,and he carried his bowand arrows wherever he wandered. Shooting his thrilling arrows  in evils,he inspired the passion of love and provided all nature with life and power of reproduction. The Greek Culture lovely,naughty god had two kinds of arrows:the gold tipped arrows used to quicken the pulse of love and the lead tipped ones to palsy it. Besides,he had a torch to light hearts with.


Eros(Cupid), Greek mythology



Though sometimes he was blindfolded ,no man nor god,Zeus himself included,was safe from his evils. At one time the little naughty god was wounded by his own arrows and suchburning love was awakened in him for the human maiden Psyche that he disregarded the constant interference of his mother and plucked up his courage to beg Zeus for justice. Another famousstory where Eros played an Greek mythology important part was the Argonautic expedition. Medea,daughter of king Aeetes,was wounded by Eros' arrows,took Jason's part in recovering  the golden fleece and eventually became the hero's wife.

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