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Five Dynasties, China

Five Dynasties, China

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Five Dynasties (907 960 A.D.)

With ten kingdoms- Wu, Nantang, Wuyue, Chu, Min, Nanhan, Qianshu, Houshu, Jingnan, and Beihan

Liang Dynasty

(907 923 A.D.)

Zhu Quan Zong dethroned Tang Zhao Zong and crowned himself King.

The Fatimids, Egyptians, conquered North Africa. Vikings developed shipbuilding and discovered Greenland. Toltecs adopted Tula as their city; built terraced pyramid and colonnaded buildings (900 A.D.)

Tang Dynasty

(923 936 A.D.)

Li Cun Xu declared kingship in Leyang.

Jin Dynasty

(936 946 A.D.)

Shi Jing Tang crowned himself King.

Han Dynasty

(947 950 A.D.)

Liao Si Zhong became King of Han Dynasty. Early Israelite immigrants began to settle in China.

Zhou Dynasty

(951 960 A.D.)

The beginning of printing in China.

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