Football in Britain and America

Football(soccer AmE) is a very popular sport in Britain, played between August and May (the football season) Many people, esp. men, support a particular team and may go to watch the games that their team plays. Professional football is controlled by two organizations, the Football League and the Football Association (the FA). In England and Wales, there 93 teams in the League, organized into four divisions. In Scotland, there are 38 teams in the League, organized into three divisions. Teams play regularly against the other teams in their league or division according to a fixed programme. At the end of the season the team in the Premier League (or the Premier Division in Scotland) with the most points is the League Champion. This competition is called the League Championship.

The other important competition is the FA Cup, often just called the cup.This is open to all armature football teams that belong to the FA as well as the 93 professional teams. The teams play against each other in a Knockout competition which starts in August and ends in May. The two teams left in the competition play in the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London. This is a very important national sporting occasion, watched by millions of people in television.

Football in Britain and America


Team names usu. include the name of the town or city where the team is based, e.g. Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday, Wolverhamptom Wanderers (Wolves), Dundee United, etc.

Football(American football BrE) is a very popular sport in the US. Many people, esp. men, support a particular team and watch the game that their team plays. Each team has a name, which usually includes the name of the town or city that the team is associated with, Some examples of names are: New York Jets, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, and Green Bay Packers.Paris

The season starts in early autumn and ends at the end of January with the Super Bowl, which is the NFL championship game. The two teams that play in the Super Bowl are determined by games within the divisions and conferences. The Super Bowl is only one game and at the end of the game, they have a sudden-death play-off, in which the first team to gain points wins the game. Professional football games are organized in the US in the following way: National Football League are divided into two conferences: One is National Football Conference and the other is American Football Conference. Both of them have 14 teams and three divisions.


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