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He cuba's life was one of grief and sorrow. She saw withher own eyes her eldest born Hector killed and insulted by Achilles. She saw her son Polites  slain  in front of her by Pyrrhus. And she saw her husband,the aged Priam,dragged towards the household altar and ruthlessly  butchered there. After the fall of Troy she was carried into  slavery .

Greek Culture

Shehad the misfortune to witness her daughter Polyxena,her soleconsolation in  bondage ,sacrificed at the tomb of Achilles. She had the sad fate to see washed ashore the corpse of her young estson Polydorus,who had been entrusted to the Thracian  king for safekeeping.


Hecuba, Greek mythology



With her fifty children all dead she became thequeen of sorrows from whom no other woman could obtain the crown . Yet in her distress and despair,she plucked up hercourage to avenge herself upon the Thracian king,who had murdered her son in order to get her son's Greek mythology gold. Later,as Dionysushad  prophesied ,she was transformed into a dog with bloodshoteyes and,unable to endure the new misery,she leapt into thesea and thus ended her unfortunate life.


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