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In Thessaly there once lived a king by the name of Ixion. He was both handsome and mighty. He went to woo the beautiful maiden  Dia  and won her love,but her old father was most reluctant to part with his child. only when Ixionswore to let him have his royal treasure house did the father agree to give the king the hand of Dia in  marriage . Ixion took Dia home with him. But he was in no mood to keep his promise,for a long time passed and no treasure ever came to the old man. Impatient to have his promised wealth,the old father went to seeIxion and gave him no peace,until at last Ixion decided to get ridof him once and for  all . Opening the door of his treasurehouse,he pushed the old man in and there burnt him to death.

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Zeus was furious over the terrible deed. The frightened Ixion went up to heaven and asked the father of gods and men torid him of his  dishonesty . His prayers were granted,and hestayed happily for a while in the glorious home of the gods,There his lecherous  eyes  fell on Hera,whose radiant beautyfascinated his heart. Forgetting Dia at home,he planned for Hera to elope with him.


Ixion, Greek mythology

Ixion, Greek mythology


Seeing all this,Zeus sent a cloud in the form of Hera to Ixion. The impious  king  made love to the shade and made it the mother of the centaurs . The infuriated Zeuscast Ixion down to  Hades and had him bound to a wheel of fire,which,forever revolving,racked and tore his body in its unbroken swift revolutions.

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