Li He, ghost of poetry, Chinese poet, Tang Dynasty

Li He was a short-lived Chinese poet of the late Tang Dynasty, known for his unconventional and imaginative style. Li died a petty and poor official at the age of 27.About 240 poems of his survived. His works were admired by the poets of the late Tang Dynasty. Du Fu was a friend and even wrote a farewell poem to him. His collected poems were prefaced by Du Mu, and a short biography of his was written by Li Shangyin He was known as an eccentric poet, Li was dubbed Ghost of Poetry.The Palace of Holyroodhouse

The ghost of poetry Li He, Chinese poet, Tang Dynasty

Li He, ghost of poetry, Chinese poet, Tang Dynasty




A Tartar horn tugs at the north wind,
Thistle Gate shines whiter than the stream.
The sky swallows the road to Kokonor.
On the Great Wall, a thousand miles of moonlight.


The dew comes down, the banners drizzle,
Cold bronze rings the watches of the night.
The nomads' armour meshes serpents' scales.
Horses neigh, Evergreen Mound's champed white.


In the still of autumn see the Pleiades.
Far out on the sands, danger in the furze.
North of their tents is surely the sky's end
Where the sound of the river streams beyond the border.

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