Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

For over 75 Years, Macy's has given us a tradition which both celebrates America and calls forth Christmas.

How did this most famous of American parades get started? It actually stems from European tradition. In the 1920's many of Macy's department store employees were first-generation immigrants. Proud of their new American heritage, they wanted to celebrate the American holiday with the type of festival they loved in Europe.Uluru National Park

The employees marched from 145 Street down to 34th Street dressed as clowns, cowboys, knights and sheiks. There were floats, professional bands and 25 live animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo. With an audience of over a quarter of a million people, the parade was a hit!

 Large balloons first appeared in 1927 with Felix the Cat. One tradition long gone is the releasing of the balloons. They would float for days and the lucky finder could claim a prize!



Children then and now love the Parade. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a true New York experience that is magical for both children and adults. We want to thank Macy's and wish them many more years of marching down Broadway!


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