Mee goreng

Mee goreng is a dish famous in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is made with thin yellow noodles fried with onion, fried tofu, chili, vegetables, tomatoes, and egg. It is commonly available at mamak stalls in Malaysia and is often spicy.

In Bahasa Melayu, "Mee" means noodles, and "Goreng" means "fried", so this dish is simply "fried noodles". It is actually the Malay version of a chinese dish.

Strictly speaking, it should be spelt "Mi Goreng", but this spelling is far more common in Malaysia. By local standards, this is a mildly spicy dish (although most westerners would find it "very hot"), however you can ask for there to be less spice. Mee Goreng is made from thin egg noodles, cabbage, garlic, tiny prawns (shrimp), tofu, sambal and sliced chilli. A very cheap, filling dish, it is a must to know for backpackers who can handle a bit of spice.Hungary

Mee Goreng, or what our old uncles and aunts would called Kelinga Mee is a Indian Muslim fried noodle dish.

It has a sweet tangy taste as it uses the thick tomato gravy from mee rebus to fry it. Fried yellow noodle by the Penang Mamaks is really different. Try it and you know what I mean!

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Mee goreng


It is highly addictive and may make other favorite foods seem bland. A little squeeze of lime juice makes a world of difference for this sweet tomato curry dish recipe.

This is the most popular version of the fried yellow egg noodles by the Mamaks of Penang. The minority in Penang are Mamaks, Nyonyas and the Eurasians and their simple food has made such an impact in our Malaysian or world gourmet.

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