Nanbei Dynasty, China Culture

Nanbei Dynasty,China

Nanbei Dynasty,China

Nanbei Dynasty,China

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Nan Bei Dynasties

(420 589 A.D.)

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Nan Dynasty

Bei Dynasty

Song Wu Di

(420 423 A.D.)


Vandals, a Germanic tribe, invaded Africa (439 A.D.)

Barbarians overthrew last Roman Emperor (476 A.D.)

Birth of Muhammad, Founder of Muslim religion (570 A.D.)

Song Fei Di

(423 424 A.D.)


Song Wen Di

(424 454 A.D.)

Wei Taiwu proclaimed king (424 A.D.) In 439 A.D., Beiliang defeated Wei. China was officially divided into North (Bei ) and South (Nan) Dynasties, with Song in the South (Nan Dynasty) and Wei in the North (Bei Dynasty).

Song Wu Di

(454 465 A.D.)


Song Ming Di

(465 473 A.D.)


Song Fei Di

(473 477 A.D.)


Song Sun Di

(477 479 A.D.)


Qi Gao Di

(479 483 A.D.)

Made Wang Wu general with the title, Conqueror of the East.

Qi Wu Di

(483 494 A.D.)

Forbid marriage between families with the same last name.

Qi Ming Di

(494 499 A.D.)

Moved capital to Leyang.

Qi Dong Hun Di

(499 501 A.D.)


Qi He Di

(501 502 A.D.)


Liang Wu Di

(502 550 A.D.)

Monk Damo came to Guangdong from India (527 A.D.). The Northern Kimgdom (Bei Dynasty) was divided into two Dong (east) Wei and Xi (west) Wei (534 A.D.)

Liang Jiang Wen Di

(550 552 A.D.)

With the proclamation of kingship by Gao Yang (Wen Xuan Di), Dong Wei of the north kingdom became Bei Qi (550 A.D.)

Liang Yuan Di

(552 555 A.D.)

Buddhism was spread into Japan via China.

Liang Jin Di

(555 557 A.D.)


Chen Wu Di

(557 560 A.D.)

With the proclamation of kingship by Yu Wenjua (Zhou Min Di), Xi Wei of the north kingdom became Bei Zhou (557 A.D.)

Chen Wen Di

(560 567 A.D.)

Xiao Zhao became king of Bei Qi (560 A.D.)

Chen Fei Di

(567 569 A.D.)

Emperor Wu Di of Bei Zhou summoned his officials and demonstrated a board game which can be regarded as an early version of Chinese Chess.

Chen Xuan Di

(569 583 A.D.)

Bei Zhou brought an end to the reign of Bei Qi (577 A.D.)

Chen Hou Zhu

(583 589 A.D.)

Moved capital to Changan. Divided country into provinces (583 A.D.). The Turks paid tribute to China (584 A.D.).

Bei Wei (439 534)

Dong Wei (534 550)

Xi Wei (534 557)

Bei Qi (550 577)

Bei Zhou (557 589)

Bei Wei split into Dong (East) and Xi (West) Wei in 534 A.D. Dong Wei became Bei Qi in 550 A.D. and Xi Wei became Bei Zhou in 557 A.D. Bei Zhou conquered Bei Qi in 577 A.D.

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