Nereus and Proteus, Greek mythology, Greek Culture

Of all the small sea divinities Nereus and Proteus stood out as Peculiar sea-gods. Nereus,known as"the Old Man of the sea",represented the pleasant aspect of ocean waters. He lived beneath the sea with his fifty lovely daughters,of whom the Greek Culture most famous were Amphritrite,Thetis,Galate a and Panope. It was Nereus who advised Heracles to seek Prometheus in the hero's search of the golden apples.


Nereus and Proteus, Greek mythology

Nereus and Proteus


Proteus was Poseidon's herdsman. He was well known for two qualities; the gift of prophecy and the power to take various forms. At one time he was a lion with a curly wavy hairs; at another he appeared in the shape of a wild boar; and still another he stood a Greek mythology stately tree covered with rich leaves. When,after all these and many other changes,he failed to get rid of his questioner, the god offered detailed answers.

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