Norway Climate and Urban Life


Not many nationalities have such an intense love-hate relationship with their weather as the Norwegians do. There are good reasons for this however.Arctic temperatures hold a alrge part of the country in their iron grip throughout the long winter months.In the northernmost parts of the country winter is a seemingly endless night and in the summer the sun barely touches the horizon before rising again to cast its rays over seas,mountains and the far onrthern tundra.Cairo

In the south the summers are warm with temperatures equaling those of southern Europe.In spring and autumn,the landscapoe also has a special charm-created by the way the ilght is reflected off the steep,rain-wet mountainsides,the clear crystal water of the lakes and fjords,or the high peaks wity their mantles of eternal snow.

Urban Life

stop for most trurists,is Oslo.


Norway Climate and Urban Life

Norway Climate and Urban Life


Oslo if Scandinavia's oldest capital.Its name derives from two Old Norse words meaning 'good'and 'meadow'.it has a thousand-year history and if host to some of the best museums in the country.The Viking Ship Museum,The Ski Museum and the extraordinary Vigeland Sculprure Park are a must-see for all visitors.

Although Oslo has in recent years acquired a reputation for being a fiery, self-confident and cosmopolitan capital,boasting exquisite restaurants and a huge variety of cultural attractions and nightlife,the town is most closely associated with its proximity to nature.Not far from the town center you can ski or walk by yourself in vast woodlands.You can swim in the many small lakes or off the beaches on the edge of the Oslofjord.The different districts also offer beautiful parks and outdoor cafes the are buzzing all year long.

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