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HPan's Parentage was a problem Of Iong argument.BUtmost writers of Greek mythology agree that he was theson of Hermes by the lovely fairy maiden Penelope. Hewas a cold,hairy country monster, with the upper part of a manand the body and legs of a goat. Wandering about in the mountains and woods with other wood gods and cheerful fairy maidens. Pan led a perfectly carefree life. He was admired as the godof woods and pastures , with prophetic powers. He represented nature and country Iife. In old times he Was honoured as a godwho was good,just and holy.

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Pan had a strong desire for women. At one time he loved acharming maiden,Syrinx,but to his disappointment his love was not returned. One day Syrinx left Pan with a fearful step ,which lighted Pan's love all the more. He ran after her and was almost overtaking her when she was turned,at her own request,into a clump of reeds by Mother Earth . Pan wept bitterly at the change. Sadly he picked some pieces of the reeds and fashtoned apipe . He played so sweetly on it that Apollo was helpless before him. Majuro


Pan, Greek mythology

Pan, Greek mythology


At the time of the battle of Marathon Pan met the Athenian messenger to Sparta . He asked the man to say to the Athenians that,although they did not like him,he still felt kindlytowards them and would aid them in their difficulties. When fighting against enemies went on near Marathon,the Athenians were surprised to see that the Persian soldiers were suddenly seized with a mysterious fear and ran away from the field in disorder. The great Pan had struck into the hearts of the Persians a kind of fear. The fear has been ever since known as panic . After the war the Athenians gratefully dedicated a temple to Pan . The sacrifices and games were held in his honour.

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