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Prometheus was a Titan . In the war between Zeus the giants he had stood on the side of the new Olympiangods. Out of the clay he made the first man,to whom Athena gave soul and holy breath. Prometheus spent a lot of time and energy in creating the gift of fire. And fire raised man above all animals . Later,there held a joint meeting of gods and men.

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The meeting was to decide what part of burnt animals should begiven to gods and what to men. Prometheus cut up an ox and divided it into two parts:under the skin he placed the fresh,and under the fat he put the bones,for he knew the selfish Zeus loved fat.

Prometheus, Greek mythology



Zeus saw through the trick and felt displeased at the Prometheus' favor towards men. So in a masterful way  he took away the gift of fire from mankind. However,Prometheus managed to steal fire from heaven and secretly brought it down tomen. Flying into an anger at  this unjustified act of rebellion,Zeus let the other Greek mythology gods chain Prometheus to a rock  on Mountain Caucasus,where a hungry eagle ever tore at his liver which ever grew again. His period of pain was to be thirty-thousand years. Cairo


Prometheus faced his bitter fate firmly and never lost courage before Zeus. At last Heracles made Prometheus and Zeus restore to friend ship,when Heracles came over in search of the golden apple and killed the eagle and set the friend of mankind free.

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