Pubs in Britain

Pubs are an important part of British life. Even very small villages nearly always have a pub. People especially men, will often go to the pub for a drink in the evening and at weekends. A man will usually go to the same pub, one which is closed by and which is called the local: I'm just nipping down to the local for a print. Women now go to pubs more than they used to, but usually don not like to go to a pub on their own. Children under 16 are not usually allowed into pubs, although some pubs have a children's room or a garden where children can sit.Turkey

Until 1988, pubs were only allowed to be open from 12:00 am to 2:00 pm alcoholic drink can be sold in a public place are called the licensing laws. Even though the law was changed so that alcohol can now be sold all day, many pubs still only pen at lunchtime and in the evening. When it is nearly time for the pub to close, the landlord or landlady shouts "last orders" and then "time".

Pubs in Britain


Pubs often sell food or snacks as well as drinks. Food that is considered typical pub food is scampi (kind of shellfish) and chips (fried potatoes), pie and chips, chicken and chips, and ploughman's lunch (bread with cheese).

Pubs have names, e.g. The Angel, The Black Swan, The Crown, The King's Arms, The Red Lion, The White Horse, etc. and people usually refer to the pub by its name: Turn left at the Rose and Crown. There is often a sing outside the pub showing the name with a picture.

Many pubs have two or more different bars. The public bar is usually plainly furnished and often has a pool table and dartboard. It is the bar usually used by the local people. The saloon bar is comfortable and well-furnished and is the bar that is usually used by men and woman drinking together

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