Scallion Cake, Chinese pizza, Chinese Culinary Culture

Pizza may have been born in Italy and raised in America, but I heard that Pizza is actually Chinese food brought to Italy by Marco Polo. Well,i have to admit that i love them all, because they look alike ....and both are delicious.... What's your opinion on this, is pizza from China?

Scallion Cake,Chinese style "Pizza" , crisp and delicious cake.

Chinese Culinary Culture

This "Chinese" style pizza has no tomatoes, no cheese, and nothing that could be called 'pizzaish' except perhaps the base, a 'crusty' dough that is exactly like you might make at home. Although not real pizza, they are still pretty good, with ground pork, spring onions, chilli powder and grated ginger. This style of pizza is supposedly from one of China's ethnic minorities, known as the "Tujia" minority, who mostly hail from Hubei province.

Scallion, also called green onion, spring onion or salad onion (depending where you're from), is one of my favorite herb. so this scallion cake, or green onion/spring onion pan cake, is no doubt my favorite snack. Washington

Scallion Cake, Chinese pizza

Scallion Cake, Chinese pizza


you can often find scallion pancakes in American chinese restaurants. This is the same dough but with pork inside. Very tasty.

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