State Bird

Many countries have adopted birds that are native to the country or which migrate through the region. Often they are chosen for their beauty, rarity, or some other special feature. Some birds have been incorporated onto national flags or emblems.


The black swan of Australia is revered as it is one of the only three swan species in the Southern Hemisphere. It all black with white wing feathers and a red beak.

Papua New Cuinea

The flag of this country carries the silhouette of a bird of paradise, which is native to New Guinea. These birds are famed for their dazzling plumage and courtship displays.

State Bird


The United States

The bald eagle was adopted as the national emblem of the United States in 1782. It was chosen because it is such a powerful, noble-looking bird.


The national flag of Uganda in East Africa shows an African balearic crane, also known as a crowned crane. They are residents of this region and are held in special regard because of their striking appearance and amazing dance.Lake Titicaca


Egypt's national flag shows a bird of prey, which symbolizes strength. Kestrels were held sacred in Ancient Egypt, and were often mummified.

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