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The wedding of Peleus and the sea-goddess Thetis wereheld and all gods were invited. But the absence of one goddess was clearly noticeable. It was Erls,the goddess of discord. As she planted seeds of discord wherever she went,it was natural that her presence at the ceremony was not desirable. She had good reason to feel angry. So she decided to make fun ofthe group at the party. Eris slipped into the hall after the couple left and rolled on the floor a golden apple ,having the words,"For the fairest". It caused a violent quarrel among the three goddesses,Hera,Athena and Aphrodite. Zeus found it advisable to send them before a shepherd boy on Mt Ida,Paris by name,for judge ment. Hermes,the messenger,took the apple in his hand and led the goddesses away.

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Paris was son of Priam,king of Troy. As his mother dreamed at his birth that she was bearing a piece of burning wood,the babe was regarded as representing the destruction of the city itself. To save the kingdom from possible disaster,the parents had the helpless infant left on top of Mt Ida to die. However,he survived his ill fate . Brought up by the herdsmen,he became a strong,handsome lad. He was secretly united with Oenone,a fair and faithful mountain fairy maiden. On this particular day,as he was taking care of his sheep on the mountainside,the youth was surprised to see four human beings standing before him. Hermes told him about his mission and left. The three holy beauties then competed with each other,showing themselves up before the shepherd. Hera promised to make himking of Asia. Martinique


The Apple of Discord, Greek mythology

The Apple of Discord, Greek mythology


Athena undertook to help him get imperishablefame in war; whereas Aphrodite offered to secure for him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. The primitive instinct of the boy thus moved,Aphrodite won the prize,and theother two goddesses left in anger and became deadly enemies ofTroy.


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