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Between Macedon and Thessaly of eastern Greece there stood a high mountain. Its cloudy top rushed into the very heavens. On the top of the mountain, the home of the gods was bathed in brightness. At Olympus Zeus ruled as the father of gods and men. Zeus was not a crude ruler by any standards. All the gods listened to his final words,it was true. But Zeus made them all sit on a committee of twelve members,including six gods and six goddesses.

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The first in the Olympian crowd sat Zeus himself. He was the overlord of gods and men and the operator of the thunderbolt . Next to him was Hera,his proud and greeneyed queen. Poseidon was ruler of the sea,And Hades,king of the lower world,had no seat in the committee. Apollo was the god of the sun,music and poetry,while his twinsister Artemis was the goddess of the moon and the chase. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and patroness of house holdarts. Hestin,the goddess of the family,represented home life and family happiness.


The frightening Ares was the god of war,and the charming Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. The god of fire,Hephaestus,was the forger of the Greek mythology thunderbolts of Zeus. The wing footed messenger Hermes was the god of invention and commerce; and the goddess of grains and harvests,Demeter,looked after agriculture and stood for mother ofcivilization. Johannesburg


The Olympian Gods, Greek mythology

Olympian Gods


All the chief gods mentioned above took human forms of incomparable beauty and grace. Often moved by human feelings and desires,they frequently gave way to anger and jealousy. They became involved in ceaseless battles with the world of man. Among themselves at Olympus they plotted and struggled for power. In the human world they experienced competitions and difficulties. They enjoyed earthly friendships and Greek Culture loves. Acrowd of everlasting gods looked and acted in a perfectly human fashion that is what all gods at Olympus actually were.


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