WeiChi(Encirclement Chess or I-go), China Culture

Encirclement Chess,weiqi,a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 crosses;go


1. the game of go
2. I-go
3. weichi
4. go
5. [China] weichi




Weiqi/Baduk/Go is one of the world's oldest boardgames, originated in China and first played over 3000 years ago.


 China Culture


Nowadays, tens of millions of people in Asia are active players and the game is becoming more and more popular in Europe and in the United States.


Even though its rules are quite simple, Weiqi's strategy is extraordinarily rich and complex. You can make moves in a vast space, which is different than Chinese chess, and this is where the charm of Weiqi lies.

WeiChi(Encirclement Chess or I-go)

Oriental Culture


Usually you spend an hour or two to complete a game. But the time depends on the players' type and other situations. Sometimes even 5 minutes is enough for a game; in some other cases, people spend several days for just one game!

WeiChi(Encirclement Chess or I-go)

WeiChi Pictures of ancient China


China Culture, Oriental Culture

Weiqi is very helpful for the reclaimation of intellect. It improves calculation, memory, creativity, logic and judgement as well as the ability to control attention and avoid from distraction. It is especially helpful for children to play this game in developing their analysis ability.

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