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American summers are filled with outdoor barbeques, baseball games and swimming pools. Summer in America is a time to enjoy the outdoors, no matter how hot it might be. So when the temperature is way up, and the sweat is pouring down, what do Americans reach for to quench their thirsts? Let's take a look at some of the more popular drinks.

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Lemonade is probably the most common of all American summer time beverages. It was actually first created in Paris in the 17th century where it was sold by the cup from containers carried on the backs of people walking through the streets. It is made by combining lemon juice, water, and sugar. It is usually served very cold, over ice. For fun, children sometimes put up a stand outside their homes and sell this drink to passer-byes on the street.

What Do Americans Drink in the Summer Time

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Ice tea is another popular summer time drink in America. It is made by first brewing tea and then cooling the tea to a cold temperature. Ice tea is almost always served in a tall glass of ice. Many Americans choose to add sugar to sweeten the drink, or lemon to add to the flavor. This drink is often consumed in the afternoon while relaxing in the shade. Ice tea is now also sold pre-packaged, by the bottle, at almost any store in America.


The Slurpee, a famous American drink which has declined in popularity in recent years, is a great way to cool off in the summer time heat. It is a mix of finely shaved ice, sugar and fruit juices. However the drink is mostly made of ice. Slurpees can be found in all types of flavors, but the most common are cherry and blueberry. They can be American Culture purchased at most small convenient stores and are dispensed from a machine that customers operate to serve themselves. Slurpees are most popular with young Americans. Tokyo travel


Milkshakes are a time-honored tradition in America. A milkshake is made from a mix of ice cream, milk and flavoring. It is shaken or whipped and served ice cold in a cup. The shaking or whipping is usually done with a blender. The most common milkshakes are made with either vanilla or chocolate ice cream, a cherry is usually put on top. This drink often is had in combination with a meal of French fries and a hamburger.

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