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Xi Jin Dynasty (265 316 A.D.)

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Jin Wu Di Sima Yan

(265 290 A.D.)

Sima Yan was the first emperor of the Jin Dynasty. In 279 A.D., general Du Yu urged Sima Yan to attack the Wu Kingdom and eventually united China. Jin Wu Di fled from Le Yang due to the invasion of the Huns (Hungarians).

Berbers migrated south from Libya (300 A.D.)

Teotihuacan culture (300 A.D.)

Jin Hui Di

(290 307 A.D)

Jin Hui Di was not a bright king. Duke of Zhao proclaimed himself king. Duke of Qi sent punitive expedition to Zhao and killed the duke (301 A.D.). Rebellion of the Eight Kings (300-306 A.D.). Liu Yuan, the Hun (Hungarian) established the Han kingdom, marking the beginning of the Sixteen Kingdoms era (304 A.D.)

Jin Huai Di

(307 313 A.D.)

Leyang was conquered, and the king captured (311 A.D.)

Jin Min Di

(313 317 A.D.)

Jin Huai Di assassinated and Jin Min Di took over (313 A.D.)




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