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The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.  It's the symbol of Paris.Nobody will miss the chance to visit it when he arrives in Paris.It's 300.51 meters in height. It is made of iron and it is about 700 tons in weight. There're 1665 steps to the top. It took 300 workers 2 years to complete it. It was finished in 1889. It's a famous architecture in the world., a landmark and an early example of wrought-iron construction on a gigantic scale. It was designed and built by the French civil engineer Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel for the Paris World's Fair of 1889.

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Effiel Tower, without its modern broadcasting antennas, is 300 m (984 ft) high. Effiel Tower section consists of four immense arched legs set on masonry piers. The legs curve inward until they unite in a single tapered tower. Platforms, each with an observation deck, are at three levels; on the first is also a restaurant. Effiel Tower, constructed of about 6300 metric tons (about 7000 tons) of iron, has stairs and elevators. A meteorological station, a radio communications station, and a television transmission antenna, as well as a suite of rooms that were used by Eiffel, are located near the top of the tower.

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a structure erected on the banks of the Seine in Paris, the loftiest in the world, being 985 ft. in height, and visible from all parts of the city; it consists of three platforms, of which the first is as high as the towers of Notre Dame; the second as high as Strasburg Cathedral spire, and the third 863 ft; it was designed by Gustave Eiffel, and erected in 1887-1889; there are cafés and restaurants on the first landing, and the ascent is by powerful lifts.


The high Effiel Tower attractions, the colorful streets, the beautiful river Seine, the glorious palaces, the romantic people, the old history … Paris is a great place to all people in the world.


As the capital of France, Paris is a modern city with a long and rich history. So many events took place here and there are so many places for the visitors to have a trip.

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