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Promenade de Saint-Antoine (It takes its name from a chapel consecrated to Saint Anthony that once stood against the gate of the same name at the entrance to today's rue des Chaudronniers.) Geneva is located in the Rhone Valley at the southwestern corner of Lake Geneva (or Lac Léman, in French), between the Jura Mountains and the Alps. It's the capital of the canton of Geneva, the second-smallest canton in the Swiss Confederation.

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Switzerland's second-largest city has an idyllic setting on one of the biggest alpine lakes and within view of the pinnacle of Mont Blanc. Filled with parks and promenades, the city becomes a virtual garden in summer. It's also one of the healthiest cities in the world thanks to prevailing north winds that blow away all air pollution.

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The city covers itself in flowers and takes chocolate to an art form has got to be okay. You can't go wrong visiting this city, even if you just walk its streets and lakeshore for days on end -- those flowers are everywhere and the Lake Geneva is clear and picturesque. It might be in Switzerland, but Geneva is tres French. It didn't join the Swiss Confederacy until after 1815, so French culture permeates the Geneva attractions place by way of food and language. Still, Calvin, who preached here during the Reformation, seems to have had a deep effect, tempering the French spirit a bit.Melbourne

Geneva picture, map, photo, Switzerland, Promenade de Saint-Antoine, flowers, chocolate


Flower Clock: 5 metres in diameter and located on a slope, its surface is covered by approximately 6,500 plants, which are grown according to what is called here 'mosaiculture' . Geneva is Geneva tourism surrounded by French territory, connected to Switzerland only by the lake and a narrow corridor. The city's overwhelming French influence is apparent in its mansard roofs, iron balconies, sidewalk cafes, and French signs.


But if the city seems a little staid, perhaps it's because it contemplates the fate of the planet on a daily basis. Switzerland hasn't seen a war for over 300 years; Geneva hosts hundreds of humanitarian and scientific agencies. It was the home to the League of Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations. The UN still maintains an Switzerland Tourist Attractions office here. The International Red Cross is here. So is the World Health Organization. And the European Centre for Nuclear Research, CERN, which also brought us the Web. The list goes on and on.

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