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Republic of Iceland (The Republic of Iceland) code IS, referred to Iceland. Year 1903 Iceland once silvery Falcons a pattern embedded in the national emblem of the logo, as the nation's symbol, the national flower of San Sejin.

Reykjavik, Iceland is the first Chittagong, the political, economic and cultural center. Fish processing, chemical, cement and other industries. Reykjavik for several centuries, it has been a manor. The early 17th century to become the King of the Royal manor. In 1944 became the capital, but also foreigners travel to Iceland starting point. And Reykjavik, the capital of Europe all different, not high-rise buildings everywhere. Convenient transportation connections and the city, passengers on the train automatically money into the cash box, with no conductor. The city's heating and hot water supply equipment said first in the world. A beautiful environment, fresh air, is one of the world's few smoke-free city. Cyprus

Iceland Tourist Attractions

It is located in northwestern Europe, covering 103,000 square kilometers, population 276,000 (2002, all Scandinavian. Protestant Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland is the country church, followers of the national population of 97 percent. Official language For Icelandic.'s Communications and business negotiations available in English. Reykjavik, the capital. Iceland "volcanic island," "Fog Island," "ice-covered land", "Bing Yuhuo island," said.

Iceland, Republic of Iceland

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December 1, 1918 independence, but actually belong to Denmark Hill. June 1944 the establishment of the Republic. December 8, 1971 diplomatic relations with China.

White Falcon is Iceland's national bird. This is an Arctic bird, build, fly faster and be good at attacking other birds. White Falcons have three-color-based, and truly the little white, very precious.

Iceland currency ISK.

Local store is open, normal working hours, from 9:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 5:00. Some shops Saturday half-day business, but except for the summer.

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Iceland mountainous, John Lagerwey in the vicinity of Lake Scenic Area, is a small plain, west of the Shek Pik have a huge, seven kilometers long, 30 meters high, as screen, the PA has a good effect, sitting in the corner The meeting participants can hear the speech. This open-air venue, is really unique taste.

Iceland, Republic of Iceland

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Icelanders enough of rolling winter, the sun boundless love. 6,7 in a year, often at midnight sun shining, as in the daytime, or even read a letter. In winter, it is just the opposite, sometimes all day but not the sun, moon and take the lead. Since ancient times, Icelanders are reading habits, every winter, the night long, people in the room reading and study, Iceland is a higher cultural level of the country.

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Iceland flag


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Iceland nearly 30,000 U.S. dollars per capita, is a moderately developed country. Rich aquatic resources, fishery product exports in total exports of Iceland about 80 percent of the country 13.5 percent of the population rely on fishing and fish processing industry survive. Fisheries are an important pillar of the national economy of Iceland. Iceland's fisheries mainly cod, herring, sardines, halibut, cod them to the most delicious meat, and high economic value is a senior food, very welcomed by the European market. In 1979 a catch of 1.649 million tons of historical record, 7.27 tons per capita, ranking first in the world.

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