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Marseille, spelled Marseilles in English, has a lengthy history of being French, and not so French. A port city, Louis XIV built two forts on either side of the harbor. Suspicious of Marseille's allegiances, the fort guns faced the city, rather than the water. Louis was right, as Marseille strongly supported the Revolution. Soldiers sang a song on the march to Paris that later became know as La Marseillaise.

Marseille Tourist Attractions

Today, it's France's national anthem. Marseille France also has a diverse ethnicity, and a lively African feel, most notable in the vibrant street markets. Trade grew in the 19th century due to Marseille's proximity with North Africa, and today, Marseille is one of France's most important ports. There are a lot of great places to stay while visiting, and Marseille hotels are charming and modern. On the whole, Marseille France has a lot to offer travelers. Holland

Mercure Beauvan Vieux Port

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When in town check out the Musee de la Marine et de l'economie de Marseille for lessons on Marseille's maritime history since the 17th century, and for hundreds of models of steamboats and schooners. The Musee de la Mode Marseille is all about fashion, showcasing exhibits dating back to the 1920s. On the waterfront of Marseille France is the Jardin des Vestiges (Garden of Remains), a recently uncovered section of Greek fortifications and loading docks. Le Panier is the center of old Marseille, with tall houses, cobblestone streets, and stone stairways. As mentioned, be sure to check out the guns at Fort St-Jean and Fort St-Nicolas in the old port.

Mercure Beauvan Vieux Port

Marseille attractions


Marseille hotels include Mercure Beauvan Vieux Port, a top of the line hotel, recently redone. This Marseilles hotel overlooks the port, has old world charm, and modern comforts. Le Petit Nice is another exceptional Marseilles hotel. Located overlooking the sea, Le Petit Nice is a former villa, with simple rooms, beautiful views, and a fantastic restaurant. Located on the old port, like many Marseille hotels, Alizé is good lodging for an affordable price. The Hotel Saint Louis is a tall building, with an ornamental façade and modern rooms. The Montgrand, with recently remodeled rooms, is another Marseilles hotel located near the port.

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Marseille France has a rich and turbulent history with the mother country, officially becoming part of France in the late 15th century. Today, Marseille is an important port of France, and undeniably French. With a diverse population, interesting museums, and striking monuments, Marseille is a fascinating city, well worth a look.

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