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In the City of Onkaparinga we have approximately 31km of unique and varied coastline featuring open beaches, reefs, dunes and cliff formations. Nearly 18% of our population live in our coastal suburbs, so coastal management is extremely important.

Onkaparinga Tourist Attractions

The coast is a place for leisure, recreation, residence, and employment, enjoyed by both our City's residents and its visitors.Onkaparinga

Our coast is under constant pressure from:



Onkaparinga attractions


pollution from the 24 major stormwater outfalls, creeks and rivers from our 9 catchments, and effluent from the Christies Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant the effects of farm run-off, recreation, fishing and tourism the results of sand dredging off Port Stanvac, and land use changes and development along the coast.Colo River

The combination of these factors has lead to Onkaparinga travel pollution and degradation of our coastline. This has resulted in:

extensive loss of seagrass and decline in marine populations, for example the Leafy Sea Dragon

inhibited growth of organisms that live on and around the reefs

cliff stability problems along our coastline

Tourist Attractions
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