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People in Roman times went to the Amphitheater to see plays and gladiator fights. Some amphitheaters could be filled with water so that ship battles could be fought. Sometimes circuses with acrobats and animal acts would stage shows in the Amphitheater. This large amphitheater is one of several in Pompeii.

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This is considered to be the world's oldest known amphitheater. About the size of a modern football stadium, it had a seating capacity of 12,000 spectators. It was here in 59 A.D. that a riot broke out during a competition with a rival city. The death of many spectators caused the Roman Senate to forbid any games in the Pompeii Amphitheater for the next 10 years.Terracotta Army


Amphitheater, Pompeii, Italy

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The huge square area, called the Palaestra, to the southwest of the Amphitheater was built in the days of Augustus Caesar. This Palaestra served as a gymnasium and a place to indoctrinate the young people in Augustan ideals. In the center was a Pompeii Amphitheater travel huge swimming pool, sloping from 3 feet to 8 feet deep.

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