"Disband Dinner" takes condoms as souvenir, what's your view?

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Disband dinner means the last together dinner in before college students' graduation, which is the awaiting chance for graducates to leave good memory, be drunk and talk to each other. In this special activity, graduates always take amazing actions. A class of a college in Hunan just took the action of hand out condoms.

Leaders, teachers and students of a college just gathered to have their last meal in the college. When the dinner came to the end, the monitor just announced to hand out a gift. Someone guessed that it would be 1 yuan, and someone said it would be a piece of word, and others said it may be a phote. At last, people opened the gift and found a famous brand condom.

A hot discussion is unevitable:

Someone said the gift is a representation of the spirit of the college students. This unique gift will make them unforgetable. They feel that they are grown-up, and mature. The gift tell students to learn to protect themselves.Buenos Aires

And others say that the students are too open-minded.

What's  your point, is it an advancement of safty sense or the society is too open minded?

"Disband Dinner" takes condoms as souvenir, what


I'm so excited, because this is my first time to take the sofa seat!
It's hard to say, in western countries, this is common thing to take condoms anytime. However, for traditional Chinese people who might think our society is too open minded.


That's a sign for gradually opened maind of Chinese, and also a warning of short of education about sex..

Five thousands of years tradition made us avoid to talk about the topic of sex in almost any occasion. The knowledge about sex became one of the few things the Chinese didn't know very well. That became one of the negative source of mental health even crim. Far from being the real insights of the negative effect to our society lead by the short of sex knowledge. Few parents aware of how important the sex education for a teenager. With the developement of network, more and more teenagers to find the knowledge about sex through internet by themselves. Maybe they will find the correct stuff, but most of them all are definitely aware of the knowledge from porn. That's the fact. With the buke passing between school and parents, short percentage of teenagers acquired of the proper sex education and leaving the most of them are almost uneducated about it. So the school and parents should take the responsibility together. Make their child have a better future.

As for the condom scatterd in disband dinner, I think it's a positive behavior but wrong occasion.


Actually ,It is a shocking topic,for me it is the first time to heared it .

as the sex,i think ,it is the natural between male and female.but it is defined as a pure,respected,and pleasant.through the

ages,so many people changed this definition,they use so many un-ethics way to stain it .

now ,in modern society,every things changed,particularly in China,we rush out of conservative ,and emancipate our

mind,people knew more and more about human nature.we knew the advantage and the disadvantage,so we can make a

smart choice,we know the way to protect us.i think,our education system must pay more attention to this issue,we have to

find a set of plan to educate students of different age.let us know it by sense.

but,i do not agree to use this way to tell people even at such especial occasion. maybe it will confuse people it is a joke or

not?as the graduate,there are so many challenges are waitting for them,they take on liability,business,ambition,so

on ,"condom" is only a very very small part of their life.we should use it with a right person,a right time,a right place,a

right way.
Trust me,it is really a small part in your life!!!!!!


I almost can not imagine that the future of the motherland will hand to which group of people ? Will be the lady-killer and the prosititute walking around here and there ? The purpose of the education is Washing a person's soul, but the performance of these students, were not only  a sordid act, but the soul is ugly.They are not ashamed of a chaotic, but think it pride as anti-sexual, the university atmosphere and environment does not enable they accumulated knowledge, raised they level , but provides a summary of the export good for their indulgence !

This is realy a phenomenon that worth for the school, family and society thinking deeply . In the age of "Laughing poor than being a prostitute" , at these proliferation of environment , like: night club, sauna room, bath center , In the time of  keep second wife third wife or more wife ( of course the wife are not legal), in envenom of the A-chip optical discs ,can you count on  the college students keep a good attitude , and still study hard? For these students, they are very clear to know the purpose of reading is eraning money,earning more money . Since the sex can be messy, why not make a profit means chaos? What we want to do when we have money? Want to do what! ! at that time is simply a piece of cake want to Chaos of playing the woman. If you talk with them about the ideal life, talk about long-term vision, to talk about the moral of the behave, they will think your head is out of work, give you a 250.

I think "Disband Dinner" takes condoms as souvenir, not only the  sorrow of these students, but also the sorrow of the community (society ) , It is urgent for us  to strengthen the education of moral training and to  build a healthy social atmosphere !


This is the difference betweem China and West countries.In fact I think China should pay more attation to the sex education,maybe we should study this from primary school.It is a very important subject in our life.
There is a story that a father put a condom in his daughter's handbag.Many people cann't aggree with this.But what do you think now?What will happen if the girl met with a bad guy on her way home,or other condition?In fact in my opinion this is the greatest love.
On the other hand,if we haven't decided to have a baby,why not take the condom?It is good for you and your lover.


"Disband Dinner" takes condoms as souvenir, what's your view?
Maybe it is very normal in western countries while it is cannot accept totally in CHINA.From the angle of  sexual education,we can see the improvement in CHINA.As we know the violation cases are much more happening in china in recent years,it results  from the lackness of sexual education in many experts's opinions.While the westerners do well in this aspect.Maybe we should learn from them from some points.
But such case extremely challenge chinese traditions in sex.The economy in china has been developing year by year,and peopel's pensee and notion become open minded.While  the thousands of Confucian Culture deeply embed in chinese,many of them are open in mind while  conservative in action.Such thing in china can take a intense discussion around people .
In my opinion,i can accept and affirm the case.

I oppose it! Even I think this kind of action is very flimflam!
At first, Maybe some one think the society is on-limits more and more, especially nowadays send sombody a condom, this is a bagatelle. and education of gender also is very natural. But wehther how to develop of society, China always is conservative at all times.In this case, The gender should be opened totally is very hard in China. And that education of gender is based on natural, communal, elevated situation. Like them who don't care occasion and degree, then give somebody a condom is random, Their action is very flimflam at all!
Secondly,I don't deny there are many love story in senior high school, But condom is a article for use of adult, also the gender is adult's life. Does grad of high school is adult? Is it equal for give them article for use of adult randomly? Do you think it is flimflam?
Lastly,grad of high school, they are a child after all. Just grow up,the body still develop, and they are curious full in gender, even very keeness for condom, ex\specially the girl. they were graduated just now and ready for college, if do this, it will make them very discomfiture and  affect their pensee, also have some seduct for them, Don't adapt to them! Opposed it totally!


my god?.....

This is really a shocking gift, but also a novelty.

This remind of our graduation disband dinner. As one member of the Class Committee, we also discussed for a long time about the souvenir to everybody for memory of our college life. The most common gift is cups, and notebooks or similar things.

Now, I know this one-Condom, which is really new, too new to accept.

I don't think all the students in the college are so open-minded to accept this gift. Would they keep it? Maybe the class committees just want to make the gift special, and want to surprise their classmates.

While it is not everyone would like such shocking gift, and some would feel embarrassed. And when we hear such news, we would of course connect it with sex, and the students' love life, and then worry about them, and would say: oh, today's young students have been falling.

To me, I don't think give condom as a souvenir means falling, but just a joking gift. This is today's young people, think it and do it, not restricted so much as the elder generations. I love this kind of activities and energies in them.


I have to say this monitor is so boldly and his action is a little crazy. Actually, I am not sure what the real purpose of the monitor by taking condoms as souvenir is. Maybe he just takes there condoms as a graduate present. As a gift, I think so many other things which can be used to recall our wonderful memories of college life are more meaningful than condoms. Perhaps he intends to remind his fellow students of not doing something silly. Though these students are already mature and adults, they should pay more attention to their actions and avoid doing some harmful things on impulse to others. They should learn to protect themselves and other people. Maybe many people think his action is unacceptable. After all, Chinese are a conservative nation considerably. But time is changing, so are Chinese people's ideas. The society is becoming more and more open-minded. So it's not a big deal. Just take it easy.

Well ,it is quite a special question to discuss. For my part, it is a scare advancement of safty sense  for the graduates .
It is not hard to find a news about students did a aborticide during study . What causes this unfortunate thing ?
The point is students do not know general knowledge so that let such a thing happen. At present, students especially the graduates , their actions always be done without enough consideration . They lack of maturity of thinking afterwards . They do what they think and what they want to do.
When two people fall in love , their elaborative faculty usually in the air. They do not know making love is right or wrong . They just can not help to unite themselves.

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