A/H1N1(swine flu or Swine Influenza)

1. Canadaon Wednesday confirmed its first human-to-human spread of A/H1N1 flu infection, as the country' s total cases rise to 19.

2. Researchers have confirmed two cases of human to human transmission of the A/H1N1 influenza virus, raising the possibility that the infection could soon gain a foothold among people, with the potential to strike millions.

3. Scientists at the National Microbiology Laboratory have found that the virus appears to have an incubation period of two to seven days.

4. The Canadian public remains calm and the government has urged necessary precautionary measures such as washing hands frequently and avoiding contacts with people havingflu symptoms.

A/H1N1, swine flu


5. All new cases are mild, but one of the patients in British Columbia has not been to Mexico recently and is believed to contract the virus from another person.

6. The above comments leave little doubt that the H1N1 flu is being efficiently transmitted human to human in southern California.

7. Hong Kong quarantined hundreds of hotel guests and workers Friday after a tourist from Mexico tested positive for A/H1N1 flu,Asia's first confirmed case of the disease.

8. China will track down the other passengers on the flight from Mexico to Shanghai and quarantine them for seven days, the country's Ministry of Health said in a statement Friday.Red Square

9. Governments worldwide raced to contain the spread of a new strain of A/H1N1 flu that has killed over 80 people in Mexico,amid a fresh warning that the virus could mutate into a more dangerous strain.

10.Around the world, governments are scrambling to stem the spread of a new A/H1N1 flu virus that has killed at least 103 people in Mexico, Reuters reported.

11.The World Health Organization declared the outbreak – which has components of classic avian, human and A/H1N1 flu viruses -- a “public health emergency of international concern”.

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