As Man Wenjun still acts as image ambassador, should he be block

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Man Wenjun became famous with the song"Dongni". In recent days, drug scandal broke out and many fans of him are blind to him. Even singer like Man Wenjun takes drug, it is normal for people to plaint that the entertainment circle is a great dye vat. About this scandal, director of "Children Assist Commission" expressed his view that, if Man likes, we still hope he acts as the charity image ambassador. The reason is that, Man Wenjun is a kind person heartedly; he can realize what he promised, rather than just showing of other stars. The drug scandal is a personal case, and we cannot deny his contribution to the charity career just because of one shortcoming.

Some people think that, he should be blocked. Stars are public people having great force, what they do set example to the society. The stars taking drug not only does harm to themselves but also to the whole society.  To avoid negative influence to youth, he should be bloced.

Other people think that a penance chance should be given to Man Wenjun. Taking drugs has become a unsaid rule in the entertainment circle and Man is the sacrifice. Man has always devoted to the charity career, and contributes a lot to the brain paralysis children. We should give his a chance to start with a clean state.Bermuda

After stars taking drugs, should they be blocked or give a chance to start again?

As Man Wenjun still acts as image ambassador, should he be blocked or saved?


I think anyone regardless of whom rich or poor,celebrity or plebeian should be saved.That's the traditional virtue of The Chinese Nation.

We can not kick someone out of our sight who commited errancy,which would give a hand to them to hell and be given up by the society.That's not the solution to the affair.We the masses should give them a chance to recover as the proverb saying "Saving person release yourself,forgiving one will promote you the same",which make me well perfect.

There are times when the final of movies or teleplaies the protagonists with kinder-hearted condone the opposited "enemy" who continuously made trouble everytime or deliberately plan vendetta.Then the villain of the piece eventually understand the true meaning.All the sorts of publishment convey goodness,learning us much virtuous with surroundings.

Consequently,we should save Man Wenjun,let him know we still stand with him,love him and his songs,as long as the vice  been abstained from.Moreover,apart from above,there will be another example if haze blow away,as commission isn't terrible while the dreariness with unvarying the learned mistake and leading the wrong upward.


I think Man Wenjun should be blocked. I was really shocked when I heard the news that he had been involved in drug scandal. As is known to all, Man is famous singer and very popular in China, but his bad act really spoils his figure and reputation this time. I believe that many people are very disappointed at him. As a well-known celebrity, he should pay attention to his behavior. There're so many fans of his, and some of them are children. Many children like to imitate their idols acts. So I think Man has set up a really bad example to his fans, especially to the children, and the more important thing is that this will have a bad effect on his fans. So I firmly support the view that he should be blocked. Through this, the society can warn other celebrities to keep themselves away from drugs and pay more attention to their behaviors. And I think many celebrities should improve their personal qualities not only in acting or singing, but also in behaving. They should shoulder more social responsibilities and help children develop philosophy and values.


I agree with the latter ---saved!

Although, at one blow it couldn't let us to accept this good singer who once was a people likes angel in our hart, but actually he was a drugger at present. But the people are all lost or mistaken some time, so hope he can start with a clean slate, and offer well for our society!

In face, The star is not especial, he is the same as us..When we are difficult, hope gained the help and support, When we are mistaken, hope

Every one have a new chance after make mistakes. So I believe: Warmharted society should forgive him, even give he a bigger support!


It is no double that the entertainment cycle is a big dye vat, but  I still want to say, either the public people or the comment people should be under the law and have the moral. Unfortunately, Man wenjun broke the law and present the negative to the young. So, my opition is that Man is blocked.
We might found the another female star is blocked by the chinese offical section, thought she is try to show her love to the XIQuan disaster area. it might be a mirror for all the star for their daily life. only by this way that all the stars can love themself and give a positive face to the comment people.


I almost accounted for the location of Kazakhstan HAPPY. Originally, a lot of writing, a mistake, have lost
Thank you to discuss this topic in landlord
After listening to a lot of comment, write down a few words. 1. Singer a lot of money that otherwise can not afford to drug absorption. 2. No matter how rich you are, there will be trouble. Perhaps, money and trouble is directly proportional. (Think of the South Korean president to commit suicide. This really is a very reasonable ah) I think, the man Wen Jun is the pressure caused by drug abuse. Of course, many people believe that drug addiction is to feel cool. You have to understand that each person, the first time I heard the word drugs, it will as the devil, will be afraid of. The same stars, they also enrich the experience, so they know the dangers of drugs. So, I think, and let them find themselves unable to, and
The pressure is enormous. Man Wen Jun, in the past also have heard some news, said to be the son of farmers, and then life more difficult, not easy to do today.However, what is the reason he has so much trouble, even to give vent to it by taking drugs? Before more recently, that is, a singer taking drugs, but that too is not well-known singers, and do not remember the name. Sources said that this song because of a red for a while, but after the public had been forgotten. Such a great contrast as the difference between the sky and the ground floor of the same. Therefore, it does not feel special. So go to vent their own drug addiction sad. Is estimated that these people had heard of Li Bai's poems it "jie jiu xiao chou", so the drug myself. Feeling, and they especially helpless, helpless. However, wrong way. In fact, in reality they are,
Growth in giving up. The mistake is that they chose the drug to escape! Feeling at a loss of money can make it. Whether it is political or the entertainment industry, or any profession are the same. All return to their roots, all the money! When you role in society, from students to workers, you will understand it all too well the money will bring you trouble often.
Each of us should have such a sense of mission is to save the soul, lost soul. Approach is very simple, that is, work hard. We struggle, success as a model for many people, they will become a model for more people, so that the community is a struggle of the community, the country is a successful country. And when you have such a sense of the future will always inspire you to move forward. More importantly, you will be very happy, because helping others is a very happy thing.
Phelps, Bolt, this is a world-class star, and they drug abuse, hurt the hearts of the people of the world. You know, they are ordinary people. But ordinary people beyond a certain area. Only this aspect of the stars. You worship him, not because he has done that for you? And life, the life you should look for stars.
Non-saints, who do nothing wrong. If everyone gave a little tolerance, the world would be a better human.


I think everybody has their own shortcoming.It is normal that has shortcoming as a man! In the  entertainment circle  there are  so many things we don't kown.Although ,Man Wenjun taked drug is a truth,we can't deny the other truth the contribution he did to the charity carrer.Like the director said the scandal is a personal case,we should give a chance to the heartly man .Maybe the drug scandal set a negtive influence to the  society ,make the fans blind to him . If he don't directed to the drugs any more,he also set a positive influence to society.I believe he can prove he is a tough man ! So giving his a chance is better than block him !


Man wenjun is a superstar in many people's heart include me. Recently, it is a hot topic to media about his drug scandal. After reading the news, I can't believe that's true. Not only drug is  harm to himself, but also to society. So, this action should be blocked unconditionally. Meantime, he should be get a severe punishement in oder to educate all whom taking drug. No matter you are  a poor or rich, pebeian or celebrity, this action(taking drug) has been break the law, it maybe result unsteadiness to our society.

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