Do I have to be obsequious since you are above?

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Apparently, they are two equal persons, virtually they share different feelings. One is high above and the other is inferior and ingratiatory. How can we have a fair dialogue without feeling inferior, no matter with the lover, boss, relatives and friends?

Requirements: convey your thinking based on the gist; try not to digress from the content and the moral


it's a common phenomena in modern society, we try to put equality on the surface, but virtually, the unequality between human is here and there, especially in the offcialdom. the servility in people's mind has last for thousands of years, although we are in new era but it's not easy thing to get rid of the the old idea. so in the officaldom, it's a better wasy to prompt one's career to be obsequious to the leader.Kakadu National Park


I don't have so much to talk about this topic.These who feel inferior in their mind will surely be rejected by  society.Those
who are obsequines on the surface are despised by others. Society is variant , you can't demand that everyone is the same,
I just promis that my bottom line is not to be obsequines.

Do I have to be obsequious since you are above?


human r born unequal, those who born smart, and those who r not, and those who is born rich and others r not; this happened ever since human society ever existed 2 even now, even in socialism, it never changed, actually grows even stronger, in china, the wealth polarization is the greatest in the world thanks 2 china's great development theory of "let some become rich first", with china's single party reign,  the inequity of power grows even more in china, in wealth, there will be those who r above one another, the same 2 say in power, due 2 the standing point is never equal 2 begin with,  although u may not want but unfortunately, u just have obsequious since you are above


this gist invere that a beautiful are above ,but a man is below .I think maybe this girl is very proud,maybe she always be satisfied with her appearance .but one girl who can get the respect not noly be with appearance,knowlage,how to do things.this is important to the young girl.


I  think  it is wrong .we  needn't to be obsequious since they are above.
Every body has his dignity.It is very important for us . Without it ,we will live poorly.we must listen angone who is above .when he is angry ,he can abuse you .when he is happy he can also make fun of you. You will have no opinions about youself .
It is like you are animals .
what's more ,many people will look down on you .
What will you think  if your life like that ?


Does the King and Officer is specified when they were born?
We needn't behave inferiorly,because you can tell yourself:one day, I'll let you see who is the true hero!

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