Does parents' picking up rubbish affect their daughter's going to college?

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Recent days, On net one paterfamilias asked:" My daughter will be to famous college,but it is a very difficult problem for her tuition and cost of living. In fact our income is very limited, but for living, I want to salvage garbage, Is it affect my daughter's future? Then this question become a hottest topic, everyone has each opinion.

Some one think: Will not be. Every kind of allowable occupation is equality and noble-minded which it's most honor to learn money by our sweat,  Nothing to mind and never be self-contemptuous. As a people, the most honourable is your inner heart and spirit.

Some one think: Will be. To face our parent who are garbage salvager, it will makes a big pressure of psychology to child. and give infection to child in the society.Even let your child get difference eyesight from her schoolmates and will be self-contemptuous or jealous.
Is it has infection for daughter go to college If parent salvage garbage? What is your opinion?


Does parents

Does parents' picking up rubbish affect their daughter's going to college?


Personally, I think it's a social problem. Almost everyone of us had such experience in our childhood that some wealthy family kids often mock or ride roughshod over poor kids, it's well known that the influence on us is very profound especially in our childhood, thus result in a sense of inferiority easily even after them grow up. So as parents, they should educate their child that we shall give more love and care on the one who really need this instead of mocking or browbeating them, making the whole society become more and more harmonious and warm.

Our parent's social status has nothing to do with us, no matter whether they are scientist or farmer, it's a separate thing. On the one hand, as wealthy family guy, we should not be ass in the lion's skin depending on our parent's fame, instead, we should learn to our own future and become a independent guy, they can't take care of all your life. So I'm very appreciate some developed country's educational model, you can not depend on your parents since you have already been 18 years old. On the other hand, as poor guy, feeling self-contemptuous is not correct, we should feel proud. Just think, how difficult it is to cultivate a kid to be an undergraduate, it's not easy very much for your parents, so you should be proud of them, and give them your grateful heart, not every parent can do this. So you should study more hard to prove what they did for you is worthy, you should return your love to them, this is what exactly thought you should have.Kiribati

Every career have it's own special effect on the entire society, which can not work normally without it, so we must esteem every people who works in every walk of life. If every one of us has this kind of logos in our heart, I think the phenomenon which we are talking about will disappear soon.

Come on, starting do it from ourselves.


I don't think our parents's behavior can make opposite forces to us. If i were live in a not rich family, i would not give so much burden to my parents, Cause they had brought up for almost 20 ys and we can earn the money by myself,why not to search a part-time job for reducing our parents's burden??

In modern society, too many bad news spreaded from the university,such as "cohabit","overspend credit card","absence from classroom" and so on.. All of bad things due to one point, just they have enough time to do this.

Every kind of allowable occupation is equaility and noble-minded which it's most honor to learn money by our sweat. I think  it is quite right.


Actually we cann't deny that family environment will affect the child a lot even though the child goes to college to study.

It's normal for college student to fill in some sheet, such as investigate family situation, what his father does, what his mother does, to judge if this student needs to apply for educational loan, if the family is really poor, the student needs to do this, but maybe this will make him self-contemptuous. Other classmates parents are either teachers or worker, etc, but his parents are garbage salvage. Maybe there will be some shadow in his heart. He may wondre: why am I unequal to others?Why was I born in such poor family? Why does the God treat me like this? Some students may even hate their parents or unwilling to go home.

It's a universal situation especially in rural areas. Parents don't have such respectable jobs from secular view, child gets self-contemtuous. This not only hurt the kid but also the parents. Everyone wants a good job, but sometimes life is tough, they don't have other option, at this time, school, society and government should play a more important role. They should pass the right information that everyone who feeds himself and family with his own hard work is honorable,but not everyone who is rich. If some teachers or schools look down upon those poor students, who can give them hope? No one.

Society often teaches students with wrong information, such as, everyone should desire luxury life, human is selfish, etc. If the student always learns this kind of information, he will become bad or live away from the society, and bad influence will affect his whole life. So how to correct those wrong information and make our society a real homonious one is very important, it needs everyone's contribution.

The last aspect, of course, should be the government, we can see some actions have been taken by the government to narrow the gap between different people's living condition, such as cancel some taxes on farmers, it will take a long time to accomplish the goal, of course, but government should strength their power to do this, otherwise several generations from rural areas will still suffer a long time.

If all above situations are unavailable, then kid, you should insist on your goals and try every mean to change your life, study hard, work hard, and give your parents a better life when they are getting old. Never never blame your parents who cann't give you a better life, they will do their best within their ability, of course, you should do yours.


Does parents


I think  it has infection for daughter go to college If parent salvage garbage.every coin has two side,but,whether the effect is good or bad  decides in children.

All the parents love in the world are same,it will not be more noble just because their parents are officials or millionaires,also ,it will not be cheap for their parents are ordinary resons or salvege garbage.In fact it is harder for the parents who are poor to bring up their children.

Each person may be vainglorious still more these young people.They will compare with others to see who is superiorinvoluntarily ,the persons in bad conditions may be self-contemptuous ,they may snub their parents and refuse their parents to see them,just because they are classmates will look down up on them if they know their parents are salvage garbage,they will not consider what do their parents do these for ?

Of course sensible children will consider thier parents tribulation ,they know thier parents pay more than others,so they will cherish their  love and want to do better in study to repay their parents.

As the saying goes,all jobs are equal.If we earn our living by our hard work, it should be respected.


I think ,it will not.actually nowdays many students go to the college that aways far away from their home.And whether his father's occupation is pingking up or managing company,no one will care.May be it will become a secret forever.But if somone asked that what's your father's job.there is also no necessary to feel shame.You can pridly tell them that your father's occupation is picking up rubbish.You must remenber that becuase of  your father ,you have a chance to go to college ,because of you father ,you can pursue your dream without sorrow and anxiety.When you meet with difficulties ,your father always around you.

In fact,you father shuoud have a breezily life ,just because of you,because of in order to giving your a comfortable and happy life,hoping you can get everything that other children have.what he did?He chosen the  hardest and diccriminational work,it not only need amont of physical strength,but also get the other's different eye sight.He beared both mental and physical  pressure.

Then search your heart,are you still feel your father's job is so hard to speak out.At this time ,I think  what you can do is to arouse your responsibility and work harder and harder,then get a success,change the present situation,lead you father to a fortunate life.


I think it should be a trouble to her doughter
In china, family backgound is very important to a person


Is it has infection for daughter go to college If parent salvage garbage?

I say affirmatively "No".
In my opinion,our parents' job couldn't affect our promotion.Parents only make money to afford our life fee.
If we care about this,we should make money for ourselves to alleviate parents' afford.We can take a part-time job.
And our parents' behavior can't affect their children.


Whether the parents' jod do infect their childern's study? I can hardly tell.But I think the wealthy of this famlily do relate to the education which their children receive.What I wanna emphysize is ,it is so proud that parents can cultivate a college or undergaduate,and for poor family this pride  never come easily.It seems especially precious.
What if the parents really infect theri daughter/children?Undoubtly,  infections are unavoid.Then come the problem,how their children to deal with these infection is the point.You may feel self-inferiority and cry in your beer.Ohterwise,you may feel grateful for what your parents has done for you and make a determined mind to do well.Which way is better ,the answer is abvious.

There gose the old saying"Great men are grown up in a poor family ,while pleasant surroundings brings up lounge lizards  ". In a sense,we should thanks for  the poor environment  which forces us to acheive what we want !There is no choice for the old parents ,but there are  lots of  ways waiting for you to opt. Well ,maybe is a little hard for you to ignore those colored views ,but for a college or ,undergraduate it shouldn't become an obstacle for you to across. Since we are mature enough to judge right and wrong.


in different point,there is good opportunity for improving the children "s  value judgement ...
do not be self-contemputous ..child..
in such adversity ,u should do your best academic effort and as best as you can do for part time job


It seems like a knife.If you use it to cut something,it is good for the human.But if you use it to kill someone,it yet doed harm to the human.Is it has infection for daughter go to college If parent salvage garbage? It depends on her attidute to this,depends on how to think about this.Someone will be more powerful to study hard because of this.At the same time someone will feel self-contemptuous in excuse of this.
Actually who our parent is or how family environment is,is an outside factors to a kid for his/her growing.why do someone feel self-contemptuous? Generally speaking,someone who feels self-contemptuous looks down upon himself/herself at the first.It is his/her own business.
Even himself/herself cann't respect himself/herself,how can you demand others to respect him/her? It is impossible,right?
In all,just treat it actively ,and then everything you see will be very beautiful.....


Seeing  this report ,I think it doesn't matter weather their paterfamilias savage garbage or not.  
Few days ago  ,I saw a advertise ,it told a girl  who  is in the  senior high  school ,her family was so poor that she have to go out to make  money.Every night she studied deep into the night,and then she went around  the school  to savage garbage. Strangely,every time she would meet two person who are savage garbage ,  either. She felt sorry for them ,because she thought she had   took the bread out of their mouth , but she had no choice .
Year after year ,she savage garbage  into the deep night, saw the couple everytimes and she didn't tell her parents ever.
After three years,she was graduated and she was admitted into a key  university  .At the  commencement ,the school had invite two person who was the cleaner in the school  and they didn't  even say one word ,  and  people all think  they are  deaf-mute .They put off their respirtor  ,the girl was shocked ,she went down on her knees  immidiately  , "MOM"  sh e  cried  ,all the audience had shocked .When asked why they said they don't want to give their daughter stress ,every time when they met  their daughter   ,they had only to watch their girl and did  not recognize.
How great they are! To most of us we cannot endure this kind of life ,so I belive if you had tried with all your effort ,that's enough .  As a people, the most honourable is your inner heart and spirit.
If you are always compare with other people and not work ,hate ,jealous and working stress will fulfill your heart ,you will never improve and will   inferier  to  others.
Hard work conquers everything .


I don't think these behavior will bring opposite affect to their children.In fact,one's character should never changed because of the exterior events.We are all adults now,we can judge which is right and wrong.Frankly speaking,there are so many people achieve great sucess even they had a poor childhood.Regardless of our surroundings,what we should do is just happy without regrets.That's just my opinion.


Does parents


Today's topic is interesting, but a little difficult to describe. We can say from many different angles, but difficult to connect them.
1.The job is equal, and each job needs some people to do. No matter what kind of job we do, as long as we can realize our value and to be happy, it's enough. So from theory it wouldn't make any influence.
2.At the same time, there may be some influence, but the stress is on the attitude of her daughter. If she won't despise her parents' job and herself, others won't look down upon her. Or no matter what others think about her, only if she lives hppily and confidently, there won't have any inflence on her.
3. On the other part, the daughter can live independently from her family, since she has been an adult. She can earn money to support her tuition, even though only a part of it. So don't let our parents live so tired when we have already been an adult.


I think today's topic can make many people touched, most Chinese people are farmer living in countryside after all, salvage garbage, beg, do small business are very common and many for them.

I was born and have grew up in countryside, I envied the children who can live in the city when I was a child. But now I found that there are different difficulties for any people no matter where you live

The children from the city play with the toys, but it's just toys not real.

The children from the countryside play with the crickets, frogs, but they are real.

The children from the city think the sky is bright by lights, if not it will be dark with nothing can be seen.

The children from the countryside knew the stars in the sky are uncountable when they were very young. There is no need any light to go ahead to the countryside children.

There is a few chances to the children from the city to have a look the full stars in the sky.

The children from the countryside weeded, farmed, fought, bleed and cried.

The children from the city listened to music, played the game, saw the zoo, ate KFC.

The people from the city have to taste in countryside, then they will found what is hardship.

The people from the countryside, they found It's sweet only if the salary can be received on time.

Is it has infection for daughter go to college If parent salvage garbage? Frankly, yes. The college is open to public, there are different background students from anywhere. The rich students will never get worry, their parents will have done everything for them. But the poor students are totally different, anyway it's money problems. About the job of salvage garbage is not easy to tell the others when you were asked. But, however, nobody will asks or remembers you about it everyday, right? You should relax yourself.

The  children from the poor family can be independent earlier.

As you know the difficulties of your parents, you should follow from them as same tough as them. It's not their will to salvage garbage. But they do it without any complaint just for you can go to university.

Don't be ashamed because your parents salvage garbage, think of there are so many children's parents are criminals and think of many children even lost their parents.

Don't be complain it because you have poor parents, think of there are so many children beg for money and think of so many children even die from the hunger.

We can't compare with rich people, but we can compare hard working, ability with them. Compare one day in the future you will be more able and rich than the rich people.

The life is in your hand, it needs your hardworking, not the advantage given by the god.

To accept what can not be changed, and try to move the difficulties away in the future.

Please thank to your parents that give your every thing. Repay them meanwhile  don't forget how to educate your next generation.

Believe me, you will succeed.

Tomorrow of tomorrow will be brighter than tomorrow.

You will be stranger in the future than you today.

I went to hospital to have a check this morning, everything is ok and I was told I will give the birth to a girl. Happy... share with you here


This topic touched me, because my parent salvage garbage too.I think that every kind of allowable occupation is equality and noble-minded which it's most honor to learn money by our sweat,  Nothing to mind and never be self-contemptuous. As a people, the most honourable is your inner heart and spirit.


I think the parent's occupation will have a little bit infacttion for the child to study at school.especially for the child who study in the famouse college. but I think if the parent talk with the daughter why she do this job. if the the daughter is mature enought shen will be apprize what she' parent what is done for her. otherwise, the daughter will have a problem ofr she parent. moreover she might go astray.
also if the monther just only talk with her daughter I think is not good enought. It is batter for the monther bright her daughter to exprience salvage garbage.


"There is no necessary connection between them."-I agree with you!

If there is connction between them ,the connction is that if her patent don't do that ,she can't go to college.If she can't go to college,Then there is no necessary to discuss this  topic.


My opinion is "no". I think every parent loves his/her children by diffrent ways. as the children we should allow for our parents' pains


When I was a teenageer, during weekends and summer vacations, I sometimes went along with some villagers to scavenge garbage, as may be different from what people may think, it was really kind of fun and exciting experience as if we were on a treasure hunt full of ecstatic moments for surprise discoveries among the stockpiling grounds of castoffs, which were several kilometers away. After the trip, in an elated spirit, we fetched back weighty bags of recyclables like things made of steel, iron, brass that can be traded to recycling depots, things we could boast of and make other villagers envy. This experience of scouring garbage can by no means expose me to any shame or embrassments, quite oppositely, it made up the unfaded colorful memories of my childhood time. And, living in a countryside opens a door to us practicing saving and thrift, a character innate in a country boy, and nurtures respect to a decent job.
From my perspective, undergoing certain hardship during one's early age can help forge a strong-willed characteristic, perseverence and in this case, environment protection awareness for young people.
Needless to say, a wave of distorted thoughts in commonly accepted social values regarding hardworking cause the girl's parents feel awkwardness and guilt about scavengers' job. Simply a humble origin that that job would necessarily relate to might make the girl contempted by her peers.Other conditions being equal, the social networking system will make her more disadvantaged, which can not easily be made up for even long after she takes a job.
Notwithstanding millions of unbearable adversities facing her, the girl should pluck up her courage and weather through them, since she was offered no favorable options and as what I hold fast to, God help those who help themselves.
Her parents should go ahead bringing their thoughts into action, getting rid of the concerns that the job of scavenger is a blot of her reputations or anything else.


With the development of economy, people's lives become richer. As many families have only one child, those children live in very comfortable circumstances, wearing expensive clothes, eating kinds of delicious food in well known restaurants, studying in the best schools, accepting the best education. Those physical enjoyment, on one hand, can provide present children with confortable living and studying conditions, on the other hand, has rendered children's vanity. They like to make comparisons between each other about their physical lives. Some from richer families always feel  superior to those from poor families, and many students who are not rich always feel self-contemptuous. That's why many schools require their students to wear suits. In such circumstance, the  student whose parents like to salvage garbage is likely to feel shameful.
However, not all students will have such stupid feeling. Any smart and rational student can understand it is honorable. All allowable jobs are equal. Their parents are even greater than others' for they are not afraid of losing face to earn money to support their children's study.
"We do not choose to be born, we do not choose our parents, we do not choose our historical epoch , the country of birth, the circumstances of our upbing. we do not, most of us, choose to die, and the time and conditions of our death. But within the realm of all these choicelessness, we do choose what is important and what is trivial, we decide what make us significant is what we do or what we refuse to do..."
With these ideas, we can face , understand, and settle all problems courageously. The student's parents' thoughts are worthing executing, their parents should be proud of.


Definitely Not.
In modern society, most of students' parent are not rich. But they also can go to famous college to have nice education. Even his or her parent are garbage salvager.
Whatever. The most valuable thing the inner heart and spirit, which not depend on how rich you are, but how the parent teach their child....


Absolutely not, if some children have such feeling, please let them think about why their parents do that; if the parents don't salvage garbage for tuitions and other fees, how can they live and study well? If their parents don't afford their fees to go to colleges, maybe they will do some partime jobs,including salvaging garbage, in that case, I believe the children would not feel self-contemptuous and jealous.

Moreover, sometimes there are no choice for a disadvantage minority except salvaging garbage.
NO1: Most of them are lack of knowledges and some skills; even some are illiterate. It is very difficult for them to find a honorable job in the mordern and competitive society.
No2: In their hearts, they are not willing to do the dirty, tired and disgraceful work. It is normal and natural.
No3: If the children hold that their parents make them be shameful, I think, the parents first would be painful and disgraceful.
No4: Actually, what a dutiful son or doughter should do is that they try their best to study to change their destinies and let parents feel happy and gratified.


I think we should study hard and do better in the university if we come from a  poor the future,we graduate from school and get a job, we need pay more attention to our parents,and give them a happy life.


If both of the parents are garbage salvager ,it would only bring about dynamic for thier offsprings to hurry up in their study ,with the aim of offering better life condition for their parents,instead of pressure.

We are having lecture in a luminous classroom,while our parents have to walk though every street to return bottles for  deposits.How can we be so selfish, say nothing of feeling self-humiliation.

I do ignore those people who look down upon their parents' occupation.


Oh,it's very difficult to said clearly on this kinds of topic,
i think, that it judged from the child'scharacter,and see for herself , if she is guileless and diligent girls, may be she can accept it. But for some girls,especially after borned in 1990,who just know how to make themselves become more beautiful, how to make happy,how to spend thier parents' money. they don't care what others' sences,and even don't concern their parents.
so,if such like which childrens' parents.if they do  salvage garbage.
i can guarantee there is a big brawl in family


From this topic I can tell the paterfamilias devoted himself to his daughter. I'm deeply-touched. For a poor family, college tuition is huge expense. But I don't think salvage garbage is the best way to got money because it will leave tremendous pressure of psychology to the girl. She will feel difficult to integrate the circle of school life as there are some people wear colored spectacles. Maybe you will say I don't care, whatever things parents do just for me and it's a allowable work. But if you were in her position, what would you think? If you are strong-minded, you will study more diligent to change your family and pay back your parents. But If you are tender, you will lose yourself. At present there are some policy for this kind of case. You can do a bank loan with relatively low interest and pay it back when you graduate from university. I wish the government can put more attention into the educational problem.


It goes without saying that parents`professions will influence their children.No matter what they do,or how much they gain,there comes both positive and negtive effects.The point is how do they treat it and make use of it.
in my view,if only my parents are getting on with life,i am sure to support them and work harder with the encouragment of their life attitude .


To be in fact, it will affect most of the children, and there will be some exception of course, and i do believe.
most of the children can't treat it in perpestive when their monther or father is just a garbage salvager, their will regard it as a shame. i say here they will regard it a shameful occupaciou may be too serious, but i am sure that most of they won't like talk too much about their parents or their job, especially their classmates are talking about their sucessful parents, what kinds of easy living and easy circustance they are enjoying. one time doesn't matter, and twice, and three will they think.

of course some children will be more positive, they will understand their partents, and they will love their parents even more, and parents' toil will make they even heart ached. and they will swear to make some achivement and let them enjoy their live.

and others they feel very self-contemptuous, and jealous. their parents' occupation is a shadow to them. they will do some things un-reasonable, and even they will even ruin their future. and they will hate this sociaty, hate their parents, and hate others. and they will hate the God why treat him so unequal, why he is born to such poor family, why his parents are a garbage salvage. and unpredicted terrible thing will happened to him, if he kept going with this idea and spirit.....


Personal speaking,as a child who shouldn't care about the occupation of our parents.because our parents try their best to earn much money to afford our tuition and cost of's very honorable for our parents.But living in the enviroment all are rich classmates and friends whose parents' are all teachers or workers or very this will lead the child's psychology self-comtemptuous.
So i think the parents would better not to salvage garbage since you are very poor family.many works could do by you for this modern society,you could do other jobs in order to give your children a very good environment and psychology.
Certainly,for child who could take a part time job to alleviate your partents burden.then i believe your parent needn't go on salvage garbage within your do your best to reduce your partents pressure...


 I don't think that the paterfamilias'  salvage garbage job will affect the daughter since the daughter is going to a famous colledge.
First of all,the daughter has many ways to avoid mentioning that her paterfamilias's job by kind lies if she feels ashamed for the job.After all,not many of her schoolmates will know her parents and their jobs if she doesn't talk about it.
Second,since the daughter goes to a famous college,she will be well educated and taught the useful skills to find a decent job when she graduates.She can improve the life standard of herself and her parents through hard working and intelligence.
I really think the paterfamilias was noble-minded and cared so much about their daughter.When they begin to pick up the salvage garbage job,the first thing they think about is the feelings of their daughter instead of their own face.I'll feel happy and touched if my parents care about me so much.So even if the daughter's schoolmates find out what her parents' job is ,she doesn't need to be shame.Afterall,Salvage garbage is doing contribution to the protection of the environment.


I am from a poor family, but I never complaint that my parents can't give me a better life ,and i know they have try their best , as their daughter, the only thing i can do is study and work hard ,then i can lead them a better life.
I have so many hopes, that maybe it seems very hard to come true,but i will never never give up.


It is really hard to say. Most people would oppose the opinion that parents who sell rubbish they pick up to support the family should be looked down upon by the children or society. It is easy to say that every kind of decent job is respectable, however, no one could deny that in the reality those cleaners, nannies are viewed as inferior people in the eyes of lots of people.
I have to say that there exists risk the children may be influenced by this kind of behavior psychologically. Of course in the education system or official regulation there wouldn't be any discrimination towards miserable family condition. By contrast, those children would get additional help or special scholarship if they apply. However, we are living among people, the comments of surrounding people perhaps produce heavier ill effect on a person than the bad economic condition does, especially to those vulnerable, sensitive potential college students who have fragile bearing capacity and strong self-esteem.
Maybe some people argue that those children should have a positive attitude towards the condition of their own families and show respect and gratitude towards their painstaking parents. However, according to my own experience, most children from poor families are not willing to let others know about that. Some of them even hate their parents for they even couldn't afford their tuition. Personally I think that is understandable, although not good. It is the main stream of value system in the society that should to blame, not those children. If they didn't have the experience of feeling inferior than others, why would them keep silent of their poor families?
However, we still need to analyze the situation in particular circumstance. Maybe the most important thing that should be taken into account should be the personality of the children, as well as her attitude towards the plan of her father. If she doesn't feel quite uneasy about that decision, maybe this is a good solution and maybe that girl would pick up rubbish with her father without scruples. But if she doesn't want her father to work so hard, there are absolutely other ways to work it out. As we all know, the university wouldn't refuse a student without money, she can get scholarship or loan, the college will also arrange some part-time job for her.


i think it will be.girl always tintk our society, it will bring press to her,more or less. but,i think ,a confident girl can face it finally.parents don not feel guilty.that is not your reason.


It do have infection.If her parents do not salvage garbage, how could she go to the famous university, let alone have a bright futher. If she did succeed in the futher, she must deeply thank her parents and take good care of them.


First of all, the parents are very respectable. To withstand the daily household expenses and the plight of the high tuition fees , the parents still be able to take into account the feelings of their children. As his children, if not sympathetic and understanding, and even sense of shame and disgrace, then I think the children will not be a love and affinity for people in social interaction .


Firstly, I think the parent is considerate to his child!But i think to be a litter salvaer is not a good way to deal with their finacial problem!Because that really will give great pressure to his child and must make his child become gloomy!And the parent can do other jobs because i think he has knowledge!Picking up rubbish is unnecessery!


nowadays, students become increasely self-worth.they seperate job into 2 kinds including noble work such as the white-collar workers or teachers or officials and something just using their brain and have a sound income and low work such as cleaners or farmes,something using labor but get little paid ` i really don't agree with this division`    it is not reasonable and unfair `      people who can earn money is the best ,no matter how they make and how many they get  `   different people have different fate  `  there is no need to look down on sb ` `  as for this case, i believe that parents have no necessary to hide anythings and students don't feel ashamed of your dad and mum's occupations  `


i think there must be some effects to the kid.he may feel shamed for his parents as garbage salvager.which make him con-tampertous so as to he don't like to play and talk with other kids.what's more,he don't like to comunicate with his parents,may be effect his the same time other kids may choose to study more hard to repay his parents' it's an encouragement for his if the parents salveging garbage will effects the kids ,it's depends on the pyschology of the kids.


OK, i didn't c any negative effect of this to children's education, while wise people will get a lot from this: know family, parents, love much beter.
but i do c some negative thing: money can never buy knowledge, but no money, no education in colleges. that's what happening here.
i still remember some words from a girl, whose parents were state criminal. she said, we got no right and no chance of choosing our parents, no matter poor or rich, good or evil, they are our parents. personally we should love them and fend them.
the parents took such a tough job, but still worry about their children's reputation or something. young boys and girls should be tough and confinident: maybe u can't never change the world, change their prejudice towards this, but u could get much more from it beside the prejudice.


I don't think so. But whether it is shamed is also related to how the daughter think about this issue. At my point,getting money will never be shamed as long as it's legal.Maybe no one wants to salvage garbage to gain money if he or she can gain money through other more elegant ways. However,when you spend the money, no one/no seller will question you how you earn the money,but how much money you are having are the persons interested(of course,no one will tell others directly).So how will this affect his or her daughter? Everyone is eaqual before god,no need to think that we are smaller person just because we gain money not in an elegant way as others.His or her daughter should be more considerate to her parent,cause all this money is not gained easily,she should treasure this chance to learn/study in university more instead of feeling shamed. No one is born rich,everyone set up his biz bit by bit,including salvage garbage.

I born in a poor family,all our economic source is coming from my parents selling our self-raised products,like selling pork,vegetable. But i feel so proud of my parents, maybe i am not able to finish my college life without my parent's hard work. When I was on vocation, I also help my parents selling our products in the market. but i don't feel shamed.Instead, I treasure my money more and never waste even one cent of it. I don't feel shamed when i told my friends & classmates that my parents are just farmers. I will gain respect when i respect myself.

So no matter through what way is that parent gaing money,what matters is the money  gained legally. We can also be proud when we are not as rich as others. At least,the money is gained through our hard work,bit by bit.


I think whether our parents is weathy or not is  not of the main importance,what counts is ourselves.If we treat these things actively,then it will not affect our daily college life,on the contrary,if we place two much focus on it,compare it with others to see who is superior,then obviously it will do great harm to our life.therefore what I want to say is
Every kind of allowable occupation is equality and noble-minded which it's most honor to learn money by our sweat,  Nothing to mind and never be self-contemptuous. As a people, the most honourable is your inner heart and spirit.
Never complain our parents,they always try their best to give us the best .besides,we should learn to be independent ,rely on yourselves,try your best to gain what youdon't have before,give your parents Satisfactory answer to return to their upbringing grace.


in my opinion, parents' situation will  influence the child. if you parents are millionaire or officer, you can get more chances to approach the success. you can connect the successful men and learn from them closely. even you can go to firms in advance. but th parents' situation just offord the surrounding ,if we want to catch your dream, you should lain on yourself.
as one of my friend said, your strength depend on how closely you believe in your dream.


First i would say i feel sad and sympathy about paterfamilias's situation. The poorness always get you down especially when you face some critical choose. There are a lot of penniless families out there worring about childrens'  basic necessities, the cost of study and finding a job, even the problem while buying a house in circumstance that the houses price are rising at a high rate.
Nowadays,some colleges charge high fees which lead many familes to a bottomless pit and that would have brought childrens' enormous psychological troubles.The tuition is still hanging on the high grade which used to be despite someone had tried their best to  it down.To many poor parents, it is not a honor but a heavy burden that their children are admitted to universities.The whole family must tighten their belt for the sake of  the childrens' expensive tution,even children have to get some part-time job to relieve the poverty of life.What is more serious is that some children have to give up their school work for the huge economic pressures.
Since the tuition cannot drop a bit,I think there may be some better routes for the paterfamilias to choose.His daughter can be influenced more or less because he picking up rubbish,so this gonna be the last way he have to choose.The study loan would be a good way for him.Some of my school mates do have a hard family background too,they can lighten the financial burden through educational loan which is not a small sum of money.So i think pick up rubbish isn't the only way for him to choose.


To some extent, it really matters to college students. It is nature that everyone wants to be born with a good family background.However, we have no right to choose.What we should keep in mind is that it is our parents who give us right to live in the world, which is the most important.So why can't we put away all these concerns which has nothing to do with our majors, just focus on study.


i don;t think so the faterfamilies work as a garbage man can give a bad influence to they child.on the other hand i think that can encourage they child study hard...they child can see their cost of living and education opporunity get kold of as easy as they thought...they will study hard than the rich child....and also grow up fast...the most inportance thing is that they love their pfaterfamilies then even more...
i'm the one who from poor family...i dare say i better that a lot of rich child...and i will receive more than most of rich child in the future


Certainly, the parents's behave have an effect on their Kids more or less, no matter it's positive or negative. that depends on what's attitude of the kid, if he/she treat this to inspire himself to study/work hard, that means his parents bring him a biggest wealth, whereas. if he gets jealous on other good kids becuase of his poor family, he may probably lose the chance to be owned a successful youth age.


I think it depends.
To be honest,  picking up garbage is not a decent job. Our society is not that open and full of harmony. It's very realistic. If you are poor, you will be spited and looked down by others. Lots of dreams can't be achieved just because that you  lack of money. So as a student from rural family, you must face it boldly.
If you care about you background or not, you must learn to protect you heart. You can say your parents are farmers or out of work. Of course, you can speak frankly that they are. But it is important that you must believe in yourself and believe that you can change your life. Because that you are born to endure and strive.


l think it will not to be,as we all known,nobody can choice her birth ,we should face the truth,every kind of allowable accupation is equality and noble-minded which  it's most honor to learn by our sweat,nothing to mind,and never be self-contemptuous,as a people,the most honorables is your heart and spirit,actually,from my own experience,l think the daughter should thanks the parents,although they  are poor,can not give the best to the daughter,but they  love to the girl is never less than other reach families, well,all  parents hope they children can have a good further,the poor parents also,in order to change the daughter's life,they still work harder  althogh they are older.they are really not easy,when  so,come on girl,you should proud for it,because you own the best parents of the world ,they really deserved our respect.


The report said above is really touching.

Whether parents salvage garbage could affect daughter'when she go to college depends on their daughter's mentality. It seems that nowadays, children are more heartless, and the relationship between human beings are cold. But with the enhancement of our Chinese people's cultural quality and the return to the traditional Confucious ideology, people become more kind-hearted and generous. So, don't worry about children's friends or teachers opinnions towards her. People are inborn kind, and everyone has sympathy to the weak, maybe they will help her more. After all, bad people are rare, comperatively.

The most important thing is if she can break the bolds of her anxiety and uneasiness, such as they will not make friends with me, or they will laugh at me...Just be an ordinary student, and don't blame your parents, given that everything they can do, they do it just for you.

But the girl should not always depend on her parents, she is an adult, and she can manage things by herself. She'd better find a part-time job to earn some money, and be more filial and dutiful for her parents. And people's around should show respect to these kind of family, because they almost drop their proper pride and conquer their Demons.

All in all, garbage salvage is a good thing. It cleans nature and save energy and resources for us. This occupation should deserve some kind of favor and undestanding.


I think it nothing.parent always for their children whatever the job which them getting.
As a member of our family,we mustn't look your parents through a blinkers.
them always take care of us ,wherever and whenever,them love us ,parent's love never change .we should't dislike them because their job.It's not impartiality for them.
whatever job them got we should love them ,because parents are parents,It's did't change and you have a piece of parent in a life


We are human being, we have conscience. If I were in that situation, I would. And I decided arbitrarily, any human being who has a little conscience would do that. Because compared with the great mother's love, being looked down upon seems so tiny and worthless.
The mother as mentioned in the passage, I would like tell you that you've been thinking too much. I know what you did was just for your beloved child. This is sort saint's deeds which are even pure than the ice. I really adore the selfless love.


Well,this really a gud topic in recent world.I dont  think  picking-rubbish parent affect the child's career too much.
Firstly,the social is compicated with complicated elements inside.There are both rich and poor in every country.One cannot decide which family u will born with.In China,it is commen for parents cant afford the high cost of their children's college studies.They will not pick garbeges if there's not other ways.We should help them more instead of looking down upon those poor families and children.
Secondly,one's career should be mostly prepared by oneself,not all depend on the parents.And also,whether your parents are professor,farmer,worker ...even prisoner means no matter to you if you love your family deeply.Also,you can see how deeply your parents love you and how  hard they are woking .Whatever they have done is only for you!If you feel shame,the whole world will be regret for you!In a contrary,you should be proud,and make a gud progress to let them also proud of you.

Furthermore,actually,one's backgrounds sometiomes may do sth to one's work.But that is not the key point.One's success can be done by one's own power and mind,not the families'.We have seen so many examples that show poor children become successful adult.So,there is no need to feel self-abased.Still ,everyone has the chance to study,and whether you can achieve your goal is depend on yourself!
DO REMEMBER:They are your parents,they love you so much,the only reson is:you are their children!


whether it will influen their daughter's studying in the college ,that is depended on what the daughter thinking about it.but ,in my opinion,i think the girl must be a clever and good girl ,otherwise ,she couldn't go to the famous university in china .therefore,when she know that her parent will being a salve barage for getting more money to solve her problem of tuition,she may understand  that she should study more hard , in order to never waste her parent's money and time.and she will take part-time job in order to help her parents and recrease her parent's economic pressure.of cousre , she will very treasure her opportunity to study in the university.she will be succeed.


We know paterfamilias' action is good for my opinion,I think daughter will have a huge pressure and feel unhappy.daughter think their parents do much things for her.She feel guilty and uncomfortable.I think paterfamilias should ask their daughter earn money by herself when she studies at school.In this way,she not only knows how should independent but also understand that money isn't on tree.In one words,this way will kill two birds in one stone.


Does parents' picking up rubbish affect their daughter's going to college?
in my personal veiwpoints,i don't think so
we have to consider the reason why parents have to pick up rubbish,just because they should support the education of their children,they have no other resource of money
and the tuition for their attending university and cose of living condition is not a small amount of money
how can this problem be solved?
for children,they have no ability to support themselves now
they have to rely on their parents
how can they feel shameful of their diligent parents
they gave too much to their children
and they even didn't feel ashamed
how can their daughters or sons feel ashamed of their parents
if they can support their study and it is unecessary for their parents to pick up rubbish
it is ok,they won't do such a thing to guarente their life
so we have to consider this problem wisely and understand our parents
and in the other aspect,we have to do something to help and understand our parents to take off the heavy burn on their shoulders
we are quite sure


we always tell our children that each kind of allowable occupation is equality and we should be proud if we make our living by our sweat, no matter you are a while collar, or a blue collar. but in real life, the different color of collar can cause different status society, if there is a chance, the blue collar will try everything to promot their status society even at the cost of reducing their salary. that is the real life we can't omit.
so i think parent's different carrer will have influence on their children, it is the reality. but if we really can't change our life condition, then we should try to change the thought of our children. we should explain the hard condition of the family and encourage them to pursue a higher quality life condition through their hard work.


I think it depends on their daughter's character, if their daughter's character is very introverted by nature, there is no doubt they will live under the shadow of their parent's background, but if their character is very optimistic, they will treat their parent's background in a positive way. What it takes, I think as a child we should understand our parent no matter of their job!


Does parents' picking up rubbish affect their daughter going to school?
For my opinion ,it won't be.Though sometimes it is true that people laugh at one's poor , but not laugh at one's bawdry . But I think most rich man is from poor , so they understand it.
When I heared someone's parents is picking up rubbish just for her/his tuition, I will admire her parents very much .if the person study diligently to repay her parents,I think it never affects her future.otherwise , if the person always think her perents' occupation is lower than others , I think the problem is her thoughts , not others.


i have see a message on the MSN China netpage, long time ago
it's have a genius on the anhui province, who is genius on the beijing technical university at the 16 age,  because of the difficulty family status, he have infantile autism as a child, at the college, the differentces in life to give him a lot of pressure, at last, he rob the bank with a knife and a bottle of water, when he can't endure the presure;
this is a pity of society , as well as us;
it's have little departure with this topic, thanks very much for my parent, thank their give me most love, even if we haven't good living conditions, we must have a grateful heart, if you have this kind of heart, the sample life you will feel beautiful;


Does parents' picking up rubbish affect their daughters' going to college?
Recent days,on net one paterfamilias asked:"my daughter will be to famous college,but it's very difficult problem for her tuition and cost of living.In fact our income is very limited,but for living,I want to salvage garbage,does it affect my daughter's future?Then this question become a hottest topic,everyone has each opinion.

Someone think:will not be.Every kind of allowable occupation is equal and noble-minded which it's most honored to learn money by sweat,nothing to mind and never be self-contemptuous.As a people,the most honourable is your inner heart and spirit.

Someone think:will be.To face our parents who are garbage salvagers,it'll make a big pressure of psychology to children,and give infection to child in the society.Even let your children get different eyesight from her schoolmates and will be self-contemptuous or jealous.
Does it have infection for daughter to go to college if parent salvage garbage?Wha's your opinion?

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