Grown-ups are celebrating Children's day

Grown-ups are celebrating Children'day, are they seeking to child's simplicity or they are facing too much pressure?

In the evening of June 1 of last year, Xiaoyuan and her roommates of Information College of a university received sugar-loaf from different friends, making them surprised. Xiaoyuan's opinion is that in fact they are just finding an excuse to be happy. Her roommate Li Fan also thinks in this way, children's day will get them more or less child's simplicity.

Why more and more grown-ups are yearning the happy life of childhood. Too many people around us complain that there are more troubles and less happiness. In fact, we are not lack of happiness, but we just make the things complex around us. Money, fame, position are all killers to our happy life. Happiness is moving even far away from our life.

Grown-ups are celebrating Children


It is the Children's Day now. People in the city are celebrating this festival to yearn the passed childhood and say goodbye to high pressure life.

Positive: it is necessary to lose pressure for the sake of Children's Day.

Negative: we should not celebrate the festival.

What's your point?

For so many years, it's really funny for me to experice the Children's Day. Friends around would like to make jokes with each other, and sometimes send candy or small gifts to each other, and the purpose of their action is to have fun and remind their their friends to feel easy and have a break at that day. All of us like childishness and the apperance of innocence of children, and some seek to have the peace moment from the smile of childern, therefore, we are reluctant to give up the right to enjoy this special day. Zanzibar

It is not the illustration of certain phenomenon in our society like "pretending to be younger" or "hypocritical" for us to celebrate this special day, and makes no sense to criticise the adults who enjoy this moment. As far as for me, it is not guilty at all for people who are not young any more to have fun with friends and feel easy to celebrete it, so, have a great Children Day everyone, no matter which stage you are in!

Happiness to a kid is so simple.I guess that is exactly the reason why it appears that childhood is the happiest phase of a person's life. They could find joy in very simple things. They could appreciate the beauty in almost anything. They don't have to make difficult decisions and they don't need to live life for others. I think that happiness can really be equated to having a childlike nature.

It's true that adults have too much pressure now, but the most important thing is that they know how to release those pressure, but not try to get happiness only by a single day.If they can adjust their thoughts and mood,everyday can be a Children's day as long as you still keep the children's heart.

The children's day is only for kids,adults have many other ways to relex,why did we have to choose the children's day to be a sake?
And if everyone shares the children's day as a festival,the day will lose it speciality,so the children will not think the day are only belonged themselves and maybe they will enjoy it less.

personally, I think we should celebrat the children's day, not only on the day , but always everday. As the fircely competion world, most of us have changed more complicted, we always use the weird attutide to see or measurmnent everying aound us . Ful of liar, flatters and guess. and at the same time . we have not get anyting to comfort us excep of money, fame and postion. So , please think as a child ,and do as a child . Seek for a freind to chat with you for everythin. Just relax. and enjoy the life.

In fact I agree with both sides. In my opinion, childhood is the best time in our lifetime. We have had so many wonderful memories during this time. On Children's Day, many adults just want to take this opportunity to recall these good memories. In modern society, we have to face so many pressures from living and working conditions. These things which let us miss our childhood more make us exhausted every day. And we have to tackle so many problems. For me, sometimes I want to escape from the reality and to have an easy life without pressure. So I miss that wonderful memory so much, especially on this special occasion. When I was a child, I need not to be bothered by these predicaments. My parents are willing to do anything for me. But now I need to deal with everything by myself.
This is life. We have grown up and we are not children any more. All these terrific memories have just been reserved in our mind. Nobody can turn the clock back. Anyway, happy Children's Day to you all!

Well,it's really a good topic.In my opinion,celebrating Children's Day can do good to us adults.On one hand,we can seek our child's simplicity.Because living in such a society forced us to become secular and snobbish.Money,fameand position are all killers to our happy life,just like LZ said,happiness is moving even far away from our life. On the other hand,by celebrating this festival can release our working pressure,and make us relax ourselves.So I think it's a way that do more good than harm.

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