If your friend betrays you, what will you do?

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A story said "Two girls, one's name is Fangfang, and the other is Huanhuan. They are countrymen and at the same age in 80s. They work in the same company and live in the same dorm. Everyday they go to work together, dine together and sleep together. Then,gradually, they become good friendsand are in each other's confidence.
Huanhuan with easygoing character and respecting friendship trusts in Fangfang and also cherishsherextremely. Sheunreservedly expresses anything in front of Fangfang, including her wages card and password. Till one day, Fangfang said she felt bad and wanted to come back dorm to have a rest ahead. Then Huanhuan found after Fangfang went away, her wages card was gone. The friend hard-saving wages were all gone.

The best friend who the most she trusts in betrays her unexpectedly. Huanhuan is unable to express her discomfort, like a dumb person tasting bitter herbs. If you were her, what would you do?


If your friend betrays you, what will you do?


Last week,I coincided to ask my confidant about this question,for I was cheated by my good friend.I shouted on the phone "why she did it in return for my love?I really treasure her ,I regard her as friend,what could her do somethink like that"My confidant told me,there is no equality in love and friendship.What you pay does not mean what you should return equally.Another friend told me,in Shenzhen---a really realistic city,there is hardly any true love and friendship in it.Is it true?I wonder.Ok,back to the topic,If your friend betrays you,what will you do?
Actually,I did not believe there isn't any true love and friendship in the world.But It would very few in the world.So I really cherish all my friends.Firstly,I would make every means to know the true of the matters.I was unwilling to lose a good friend by misunderstanding.When the time came---when it was absolutely necessary ,I would ask her in person,may be she or he has her/his difficult time.Anyway,I would rather believe everyone was not bad in nature.
Secondly,If my friend really betrayed me,of course I would not believe her any longer.On the other hand,I wanted to state that every one should possess the ability to protect ourselves,like Huanhuan,though I felt very pity for her ,yet,I really think it was not proper to tell anyone about your wages card passport.I did not mean we could believe nobody in the world.I just wanted to say that if you did not protect yourselves very well---you open your gate for the thief---then when you are robbed,in a sense,you are responsible for it,especiallly ,anything concerns money,then you should be care about it.
Oh,I have written out so many,I don't know whether you can understand it or not,my opinion is that we should treat friend good in action and words,but at the same time,don't forget to protect yourselves,don't do something that might cause people's rapacity.Don't use it to taste your friendship and love,you would lose for sure.


Any definition should be clearly defined before it come into talking.
So the first point is, what is friendship, and can we make this kind of relation between the two girls a friendship?
Friend comes naturally, when u meet someone, it's ur character, style or something else that attract him/her, and gradually each of u would like to share something with the other, finally, more and more things, even everything. But one principle is both of the friends shold hold the same feeling to each other. Feeling good by yourself is not enough, u have to know hwo he/ she thinks of u.
If it's hard to tell how your "friend" feels on u, it's early to define u'v already built up a friendship. Huanhuan must have been happy for having such a sweet roomie who could share topics with her. Of course she treated fangfang well, and defined her as a good friend, but obviciously she did not pay much attention to observe her new friend. For any accident, there must be some trace before it, so when people are blaming fangfang for her tricks, I have an extra question for huanhuan, have u considered it seriously by ur own observation whether this girl is worthy of ur company? Of course the cheat wears a mask on her face, but no doubt there was also your fault being cheated so easily.
This world is complicated with various humen with all kinds of heart. I can't assure fangfang is not an excellent actor, who could cover all her evil minds with a smiling face. To such "friends", seems the only thing could help us to define is time. So before u eventually can make sure ur "friend" is a friend, u can never pay ur heart sincerely. It's confliction, friendship need to be sincere from the beginning, meanwhile, u need to abserve to protect urself. Luckily I have some friends who can share many things from the very beginning, as time goes, the only thing for sure is we are becoming closer and closer. So maybe it's also about good luck or destination.Friend is a gift from the God, not everyone can get that easily.


At first, I would feel upset not because of the lost money but also the friendship. It likes a nightmare that your bosom friend betrays you and hurt you so much. Nothing more terrible!
However, if it do happen, I choose silence.Silence I wouldn't catch her and inquire her excuses. I believe that humanbeings are born kindhearted. One day, she would realize her fault or mabybe she got her unspeakable reasons. If she returned, I would also accept her completely.


I feel sorry for the girl. Friendship is very important in one life. Everyone can not live alone , and he is a one part of the social , so he must have friend. Friends can give you laugh and help you dragging out of depression. You can share everything with your best friend.
But one should be careful to choose the one to be your friend. More social experience can teach him how to judge the one who really worth to be a friend.  One thing i have to point out is that no matter how intimate you and your friends are you should never tell him your accounts. That's money which can arise one's bad nature inside.

So one should be careful to make friends and the same time one should know how to protect himself. Even couples have secret, so do friends.

Taking the lesson, don't be so depressed. You still have a long way to go in your life. Maybe your beloved one can betray you, you must learn to how to deal with it. so don't take so serious of your friends' betraying.



Friend,What's the friend? The one who can help you each other?
Betray, How to define the word-betray? Sometimes your friend will do something bad for you. but it isn't a hurt or betray.
Many kinds of betray from friends. I don't want to list all the cases. Whatever, the defection you happen to is not the worst one.
When you are betrayed by friends, you will face 2 point: 
I do really think it's good to forgive the friends. Anyhow, it depends on the degree he/she hurt you. It's very difficult to define the standard. Everyone has his/her own base line.
If he/she overrides your base line, it's not a bad choice to give suitable punishment to him/her legally. Illegal retorsion is strongly forbidden.
For second point,
To forget the past harmful things is really difficult. But you have to. So try to be busy or try a trip. it's perfect to face the sea. You will feel the life is nice, why be sorrow? At last please do not try to cheat yourself with alcohol or something worse. To give him/her a little punishment will help you to balance your mind sometimes. Anyhow time-the greatest magician-will calm all down.
In the whole life, a real man/woman will happen to various cases. It's a kind of anneal. And man/woman will turn mature once and once.



Here is a question? What is a friend? Is he or she your real friend or just one person you think he or she is in your side? We all have the experience that many people we think are good with us are always not that way. All these are very superficial in fact. You can share common interests, common happiness and sadness, of course. But sharing things doesn't mean temptation can be resisted, and that doesn't mean conflict can be avoided or solved, either. One truth is, sharing things and confiding with others, many times, make us feel relieved and relaxed, indeed. We really need someone to do things we like or listen to us, and we also have the interest in knowing of other people's life and secrets.When we do that, we might feel happy. However, your listening to others, sharing with your so-called friends, confiding with them and other things you can do with people around you can not be equivalent with your caring about the nominal friends you talk about. You may not love them. You may have no mercy when your interests are being threatened or being impinged on.  So if I encounter with this situation, I have to reflect myself and think about what role I am in this relationship and then make adjustment and be wise from then on. Don't hesitate to call police, and be realistic and clear. You have to take back your money and that is not just responsible for yourself, but also for people who love you heartedly, your parents for example. Don't add burdon to your loved.
Besides, we have to make some standard in making friends. And keep some secrets to yourself. After all, you have the right to have a private space. Beware of privacy and respect each other's rights.


well,this is a similar situation i once encountered. when i was a little child ,i treat my friends sincerely and wholeheartedly,i believe in each of them,until one day ,one of my best friends betrays me...she is not so honest as she once was...that night i cried grievedly...from that day on, i started not to open my whole heart to anyone ,cause' i just don't believe them. they try to be close to me nothing but to dig out my intersts...

so until now,i had little friends,because i just don't believe it.you may say i had some kind of mental problem,it's ok,for it's much better than being betrayed by a outsider.sometimes maybe it is a little expenses,but what if it is a huge losing that can never compensate.

i believe in one old saying:Love your neighbour, yet pull not down your fence.

doing is much harder than saying simply...

i don't think it is real friendship when several people go to the ktv,my mother told me it is called hanging-out nabs..i believe in my mom...



what I want to say is that the girl called huahuan is so unsophisticated and silly. How can you tell others your own password and  wages card? So Betrayal comes about sooner or later.Sharing  own password with others is hardly imaginary.
If my friend betrays me,I will hate him and break off relations anyway.Of course,I'm not stupid like test girl to share friends password unless you don't want that money.


Once my mother told me that you can never told others your bank card code how well you get along each other.  I remeber this in my heart deeply. It was said"Habour no ill intention against others, but never relax vigilance against evil-doers".It makes sense.
But I have never had such experience. Maybe I am so lucy or I have clear eyes on people. When I choose friend, I am very cautious. After several talks, his or her action must reveal what kinds of people he/she is. As the friend of others, I also restict myself never do such digrace.
Let image if it really happens. At first, I may not care about how much money I lost, what make me feel sad is he/she is so unfaithful person. I have lost no only money but also my sincere heart.I am a person who pay much attention on frienship.


Nightmare !!
Although it was happened that is so ususal we may find it in our life. To find a real man in the modern life seems more difficult. For me I met this situation when I was a soforma student , in my dorm I trust a sister so much . But she do something bad to destory my fame just because she want to gain that honor to get the money which our country to sent the Good STUDENTS‘ scholarship ...
Money always proves that what is the most valuable things in one's mind . So what I can do is protect myself just because I don't want to hurt anybody---- I chose to quit this friendship just say HELLO .
That's a lesson to me. Just believe in yourself, only you leave better in the future you can give them a real hit!!!


firstly I should say it's Fangfang 's wrong to tell everything to others and left her card in the dormitory!
Then I have another story , I have a friend called Mary, she has a being-loved bf jack, they trust each other! But don't think i wanna say her bf betrays her, while another character appears, we call her Julia, a girl never know she would become "the third",a girl has two good friends, Mary and Jack, then you know the story,Mary is sad just because she lose her two good friends


Wow, Fangfang has to taste the feeling of betraying. for me at present, my heart will be broken throughly , even afraid to trust anyone anymore. not just moneny, more important I care is the relationship, the inside feeling.that's definitely effect my intuition toward whatever something seems beautifull or unwelcome. just like heart-broken girl/boy who had been dumped by his belover, it needs to take a long time to recovery his/her 's confident to love,to face the life passionate. is that a part of reason why there are some people with intense feeling  want to go to hell while they have been betrayed, especially be betrayed by the person who is the most improtant for her,or losing something supposed to belong to him/her?
Anyway, get back in the case, about HuanHuan and FangFang, maybe(I am not sure) we can think of in a good way  that HuangHuang has been involved in some big trouble where need a lot of money to fix or something else like this, but finally she came back with the true to FangFang that I would not like you invoved in because of some dangerous.
I want to say do not just depend on what's the matter you have seen and what current losing/depress you are encountering to make a determine since everything has two sides, one is positive, another is negative. Be honest to others don't much care how does she get back to you.
Good luck for your future.


the topic of betrayal is a quite serious question ,in the context of selfishness world ,we can find such things anywhere ,sometimes we will hear somebody complained who has betrayed their love ,who have betrayed their friendship ,who has betrayed their business relationship
it seems that with the development of the society ,most people will tend to do something relating to betrayal in the interest of their own
they don't want to lose something ,or they want to obtain something which they regard valuable ,so they will change to betray something which they think they can lose
people are quite selfish ,they will try every means to achieve their goals
from the above stroy ,we can know that don't tell your privacy to anyone ,even who you think you develop good relationship with her or him
because you can't make sure whether he or she make friends for making profits from you
and it is quite easy for them to betray you for their own good
so never tell private secrets and most important things to anyone you can't trust
if so ,you will pay high price for your foolish conduct

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