In China, Is it plausible to ban the costume drama at prime time?

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It is said that may satellite TV stations will prohibit the playing of the costume drama at prime time (19:30-22:00). This piece of news, originally regarded as hearsay from the national key websites, was finally confirmed. Recently, the officials from Zhejiang satellite TV also claimed it. It is known that the new regulation issued by China's SARFT (State Administration of Radio Film and Television) states that "As the 60th anniversary of the founding of PRC is going to be celebrated, all the satellite TV stations should put on the TV drama enhancing the main theme and the costume drama should be banned. The costume drama being played should be finished before June, 1st." It means that the audience will not see the costume drama during the prime time between June and October.

Many satellite TV stations will ban the costume drama at prime time. What is your opinion?

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We are the country of socialism and the government has to do some macroscopical controls if necessary. It is the feature of chinese socialism. So it is reasonal to make special regulation for special time from the sake of nation. Different people have different view from different standpoint. The point is if it is harmful to the public.


The ban on playing the costume drama at prime time has no personal meaning for me.

However, during this prime time, many people entertain themselves in front of the TV after finishing working. As a way of entertainment, in my opinion, The TV plays behave well if they can lead to establish a correct sense of worth, as well as to entertain. It is not important whether it is a costume drama and a modern play.National Museum of American


everything is money involved. what 's wrong with china?
the weak of ethic amongest the people is the biggest issue in front of the society.


in my  can comprehend ,recently ,many the costume drama at prime time is not good for us ,it neither influence our trust  history .nor many plot  is visional and untrue .
in this year ,about the war drama ,it is so good  for us to watch .,such as .liangjian. nanjing . cangsang .qianfu . so many .
it is infucence the history of the war with japan. And it courage us to stive ,
so I think ban  the costume drama at prime time it is can acceptable !


The fundamental issue is "Who has the right to determine what's good or bad ?" People or Party or government ? It's always interesting to imagine a bunch of people sitting in a room select and block internet web sites from all over the world. Do they know what they are doing ? Which web site is harmful to China stability ?
The government controls the media, they do things which they think it's good for the public; may be they are doing just the opposite. Who is going to check what they do is good for the people; how do people know they are not doing it for small special interest group; and probably they hurt China more in the long run ? 


I don't think it is reasonable to ban custume drama..Nowadays when I turn on tv after dinner,I can hardly find any tv series of my interest.The TV series are either about war or extramarital affair.If I would like to watch matial film or Hongkong drama or Korean drama,I have to wait until 22:00 or I simply watch them on website.Different people have different taste,so why ban one kind of drama?Everyone should have their right to choose what they like during prime times.


Of course it is not reasonable. But cause the TV station in every province is not an independent corporation but a govorment-control department, they have to do it to meet the demand of memorize the 60 years' birthday of our country. For the controlling of a whole country's sake, it is reasonable, for another sake, like the freedom of people, it is not.
Anyhow, it is not a everlasting decree.


i was totally confused about the ban made by SARFT, which is definitely a compelling order to audience and other TV stations.
if the governar want to educate us, why don't they say: during june to october every station must broadcast the patriotic program? might too bold? and the funny thing is why the costume drama?

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